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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, April-2017

1) 10 men can complete a work in 5 days. If there are only 2 men how much time will they take to complete the same work?
a. 5 days
b. 10 days
c. 50 days
d. 25 days
The correct answer is : 25 days
2) Which mobile application was launched by PM Narendra Modi for Aadhaar-based digital payment?
a. Arjun
b. Bhim
c. Krishna
d. Ram
The correct answer is : Bhim
3) Convert 1000cm into meter?
a. 1m
b. 5m
c. 10m
d. 100m
The correct answer is : 10m
4) Who was appointed by the Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao as the new chief minister of Tamil Nadu?
a. Edappadi K Palaniswami
b. Sasikala
c. J Jayalalitha
d. O Panneerselvam
The correct answer is : Edappadi K Palaniswami
5) For which book Jhumpa Lahiri won the Pulitzer Prize?
a. Interpreter of Maladies
b. The Namesake
c. Two Leaves and a Bud
d. Pride and Prejudice
The correct answer is : Interpreter of Maladies
6) In the given series which number should come next - 200, 100, 50, 25, ?
a. 20
b. 10
c. 5.5
d. 12.5
The correct answer is : 12.5
7) Choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentence: A state of lawless and disorder
a. Anarchy
b. Antedate
c. Atheist
d. Axiom
The correct answer is : Anarchy
8) Who won Australian Open 2017?
a. Rafael Nadal
b. Roger Federer
c. Novak Djokovic
d. Andy Murray
The correct answer is : Roger Federer
9) Find the correctly spelt word:
a. discripency
b. discripancy
c. discrepancy
d. descripancy
The correct answer is : discrepancy
10) Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to COPIOUS.
a. Vast
b. Identical
c. Plentiful
d. Messy
The correct answer is : Plentiful
11) Which of the following is the least prime number?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
The correct answer is : 2
12) It was the help he got from his friends which ………….. him through the tragedy.
a. helped
b. boosted
c. supported
d. sustained
The correct answer is : sustained
13) If in a certain language, STUDENT is coded as TUVEFOU, then how CLASS is coded in that code?
The correct answer is : DMBTT
14) Present ages of Nisha and Pragya are in the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11 : 9 respectively. What is Pragya's present age in years?
a. 20
b. 26
c. 24
d. 28
The correct answer is : 24
15) Sound waves which helps doctors to study the internal organs inside body is called?
a. Ultra Sound
b. Sonography
c. Echography
d. X-Ray
The correct answer is : Ultra Sound
16) When a body is taken from the earth to the moon:
a. Its weight increases
b. Its weight decreases
c. Its weight remains unchanged
d. It becomes completely weightless
The correct answer is : Its weight decreases
17) Choose similar word from the given alternatives - Ohm, Watt, Volt
a. Light
b. Transformer
c. Electricity
d. Ampere
The correct answer is : Ampere
18) The length of the bridge, which a train 130 metres long and travelling at 45 km/hr can cross in 30 seconds, is:
a. 275 m
b. 265 m
c. 245 m
d. 255 m
The correct answer is : 245 m
19) Which cricketer became the second Indian after Mohammed Azaharuddin to be dismissed at 199 in Test cricket?
a. Virat Kohli
b. Karun Nair
c. Yuvraj Singh
d. KL Rahul
The correct answer is : KL Rahul
20) Who is known as the first Law Officer of India?
a. Chief Justice of India
b. Comptroller and Auditor General of India
c. Solicitor General of India
d. President of India
The correct answer is : Solicitor General of India
21) If selling price is doubled, the profit triples. Find the profit percent.
a. 1
b. 1.5
c. 1.2
d. 0.5
The correct answer is : 1
22) H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was India's chief guest at the Republic Day function held on 26.01.2017. He is the Crown Price of which country?
a. Iran
b. United Arab Emirates
c. Abu Dhabi
d. Saudi Arabia
The correct answer is : Abu Dhabi
23) High Court of Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is in which state?
a. Guwahati High Court
b. Kolkata High Court
c. Delhi High Court
d. Tamil Nadu High Court
The correct answer is : Kolkata High Court
24) Nathu La Pass is situated in which state?
a. West Bengal
b. Assam
c. Meghalaya
d. Sikkim
The correct answer is : Sikkim
25) The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is 5 : 1. If the area of the rectangle is 216 sq. cm, what is the length of the rectangle?
a. 18 cm
b. 16 cm
c. 20 cm
d. 14 cm
The correct answer is : 18 cm
26) Which country on 11.01.2017 became the first country in the world to ban FM radio broadcasting?
a. Finland
b. Norway
c. Germany
d. Netherland
The correct answer is : Norway
27) The important metal used with iron to produce stainless steel is
a. Chromium
b. Nickel
c. Aluminium
d. Tin
The correct answer is : Chromium
28) Who is known as "Father of White Revolution" in India?
a. M.S.Swaminathan
b. V Kurien
c. K N Bahl
d. B P Pal
The correct answer is : V Kurien
29) Magnus Carlsen is related to which sports?
a. Boxing
b. Chess
c. Wrestling
d. Tennis
The correct answer is : Chess
30) Two students appeared at an examination. One of them secured 9 marks more than the other and his marks was 56% of the sum of their marks. The marks obtained by them are:
a. 40, 30
b. 40, 33
c. 42, 30
d. 42, 33
The correct answer is : 42, 33
31) A person meets with an accident and needs blood-transfusion but there is no time to check his bloodgroup. Which of the following blood groups could be given to him?
a. O +
b. O –
c. AB +
d. AB –
The correct answer is : O –
32) What is the source of electrical energy in an artificial satellite?
a. Solar cells
b. Mini nuclear reactor
c. Dynamo
d. Thermopile
The correct answer is : Solar cells
33) In the given series which number should come next - 8, 13, 23, 38, 58, ?
a. 78
b. 75
c. 80
d. 83
The correct answer is : 83
34) The energy of the sun is produced by :
a. Nuclear fission
b. Nuclear fusion
c. Ionisation
d. Oxidation
The correct answer is : Nuclear fusion
35) Choose the word which can be substituted for the given sentence - The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable disease.
a. Coma
b. Euthanasia
c. Pun
d. Subjugation
The correct answer is : Euthanasia
36) On which day National Voters Day was observed across India?
a. 5th January
b. 14th January
c. 25th January
d. 31st January
The correct answer is : 25th January
37) Who is author of the book - As You Like It?
a. George Bernard Shaw
b. Leo Tolstoy
c. Charles Dicken
d. William Shakespeare
The correct answer is : William Shakespeare
38) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word - EXCLUSIVE.
a. Extensive
b. Sole
c. External
d. Excessive
The correct answer is : Sole
39) Which country became first in the world to run all its electric trains on 100% wind power?
a. Sweden
b. Denmark
c. Norway
d. Netherland
The correct answer is : Netherland
40) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. Moon
b. Jupiter
c. Saturn
d. Earth
The correct answer is : Moon
41) At which place the 350th Prakash Parv (also Prakash Utsav) or birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh ji was celebrated in January 2017?
a. Ranchi
b. Lucknow
c. Patna
d. Amritsar
The correct answer is : Patna
42) On which of the following dates is your shadow at noon the smallest?
a. December 25
b. March 21
c. June 22
d. July 21
The correct answer is : June 22
43) Shahtoosh shawl is made from the hair of :
a. Hangul
b. Chinkara
c. Chiru
d. Merino
The correct answer is : Chiru
44) Find the word which is correctly spelt:
a. Felicetate
b. Encyclopeadia
c. Apendix
d. Ominous
The correct answer is : Ominous
45) The age of the tree can be determined from the
a. Counting of leaves on the tree
b. Counting the number of rings on its stem
c. Counting the branches on the tree
d. Measurement of its height
The correct answer is : Counting the number of rings on its stem
46) Who is the current Chief Executive Officer of India's largest software firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)? (As on 31st January 2017)
a. Rajesh Gopinath
b. Cyrus Mistry
c. N Chandrasekharan
d. Ratan Tata
The correct answer is : Rajesh Gopinath
47) Which of the following is the correct meaning of the given idiom: Play truant
a. Play a tyrant
b. Stay away from duty
c. Be responsible
d. Be alert
The correct answer is : Stay away from duty
48) Select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase - The pros and cons
a. Foul and fair
b. Good and evil
c. For and against a thing
d. Former and latter
The correct answer is : For and against a thing
49) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word - INERTIA
a. Force
b. Vigour
c. Inertness
d. Joy
The correct answer is : Vigour
50) I insisted ……. his leaving the place.
a. on
b. about
c. in
d. with
The correct answer is : on