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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, August 2017

1) In Graph, which of the following points represent the origin?
a. (2, 2)
b. (-1, -1)
c. (0, 0)
d. (1, 1)
The correct answer is : (0, 0)
2) Which of the following is an incorrect match?
a. Anton van Leeuwenhoek - microorganisms
b. Alexander Fleming - penicillin
c. Edward Jenner - vaccination
d. Louis Pasteur - fermentation
The correct answer is : Louis Pasteur - fermentation
3) By what number should (-10/3) be multiplied to get (-5/4)?
a. 3/8
b. 5/8
c. 1/20
d. 4/15
The correct answer is : 3/8
4) National acquatic animal of India is:
a. Tortoise
b. Shark
c. Dolphin
d. Whale
The correct answer is : Dolphin
5) Chanakya was the chief advisor of which ruler?
a. Ashoka
b. Samudragupta
c. Chandragupta Maurya
d. Kanishka
The correct answer is : Chandragupta Maurya
6) The area of rhombus is 252 cm2. If one of the diagonals is 18 cm. Find the length of the other diagonal.
a. 25 cm
b. 28 cm
c. 30 cm
d. 42 cm
The correct answer is : 28 cm
7) Give one word for the given sentence: A government by officials.
a. Democracy
b. Gerontocracy
c. Anarchy
d. Bureaucracy
The correct answer is : Bureaucracy
8) The sum of two numbers is 444. If one exceeds the other by 16, find the other number.
a. 214
b. 218
c. 230
d. 226
The correct answer is : 214
9) Find the wrongly spelt word:
a. Rumour
b. Preacher
c. Community
d. Experiance
The correct answer is : Experiance
10) Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to BACKLASH.
a. Retaliation
b. Provoke
c. Hate
d. Extraction
The correct answer is : Retaliation
11) The sum of a rational number and its additive inverse is always:
a. -1
b. 1
c. greater than 1
d. 0
The correct answer is : 0
12) Our electricity was __________ for about ten hours today.
a. cut across
b. cut out
c. cut off
d. cut in
The correct answer is : cut off
13) Cocus, Bacillus, spirillum and vibrios are different shapes of:
a. algae
b. fungi
c. virus
d. bacteria
The correct answer is : bacteria
14) The main river flowing in Jammu and Kashmir is?
a. Indus
b. Jhelum
c. Chenab
d. Sutlej
The correct answer is : Indus
15) A father is 4 times his son's age. 8 years ago, he was 12 times his son's age. Find the present age of father and son.
a. Father = 40 years, Son = 10 years
b. Father = 48 years, Son = 12 years
c. Father = 44 years, Son = 11 years
d. Father = 36 years, Son = 9 years
The correct answer is : Father = 44 years, Son = 11 years
16) How many players are there in each side of a Water Polo team?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7
The correct answer is : 7
17) Which of the following is a hormone secreted by Pancreas?
a. Adrenaline
b. Thyroxine
c. Insulin
d. Testosterone
The correct answer is : Insulin
18) If the dimensions of a cuboid are doubled, the volume becomes:
a. 2 times
b. 4 times
c. 5 times
d. 8 times
The correct answer is : 8 times
19) In which state Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India's longest bridge, the 9.15 km Dhola-Sadiya bridge (Bhupen Hazarika Setu) across river Lohit?
a. Assam
b. Arunachal Pradesh
c. Nagaland
d. Meghalaya
The correct answer is : Assam
20) A trapezium has two parallel sides 9 cm and 7 cm and area 24 cm2. The distance between the parallel sides is:
a. 2 cm
b. 3 cm
c. 4 cm
d. 5 cm
The correct answer is : 3 cm
21) The speed of sound depends upon the:
a. frequency of sound source
b. amplitude
c. loudness
d. state of the medium
The correct answer is : state of the medium
22) What is the capital of Maldives?
a. Male
b. Port Louis
c. Antananarivo
d. Suva
The correct answer is : Male
23) Which district is common between Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)?
a. Rajouri
b. Poonch
c. Udhampur
d. Kupwara
The correct answer is : Poonch
24) The solution of the equation: -(x - 4) = (x + 5) is
a. -1
b. 1
c. -1/2
d. 1/2
The correct answer is : -1/2
25) The largest irrigated area in India is?
a. Wheat
b. Maize
c. Tea
d. Rice
The correct answer is : Rice
26) Name the woman from Arunachal Pradesh who has become the first woman in the world to scale Mt. Everest twice in 5 days?
a. Anshu Jamsenpa
b. Premlata Agarwal
c. Santosh Yadav
d. Malavath Purna
The correct answer is : Anshu Jamsenpa
27) Which type of natural vegetation found in India?
a. Tropical evergreen forests
b. Thorn forests
c. Mountain forests
d. All of these
The correct answer is : All of these
28) Square of an odd number is always:
a. odd
b. even
c. composite
d. prime
The correct answer is : odd
29) In which state, Indian Asiatic lion is found?
a. West Bengal
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Gujarat
d. Assam
The correct answer is : Gujarat
30) Every year World No Tobacco Day 2017 is observed across the world on?
a. 12th May
b. 20th May
c. 25th May
d. 31st May
The correct answer is : 31st May
31) In a dictionary which of the given word will come last:
a. Succeed
b. Supplement
c. Soccer
d. Suicide
The correct answer is : Supplement
32) Which country won the 2017 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament?
a. Great Britain
b. South Korea
c. India
d. Australia
The correct answer is : Great Britain
33) Which of the following is a radio active element?
a. Thorium
b. Plutonium
c. Carbon
d. All of these
The correct answer is : All of these
34) N R Narayana Murthy is the co-founder of which Indian Information Technology (IT) company?
a. Tata Consultancy Service (TCS)
b. Infosys
c. Wipro
d. HCL Tech
The correct answer is : Infosys
35) Which Indian city is famously known as Silicon Valley of India?
a. Bengaluru
b. Chennai
c. Hyderabad
d. Pune
The correct answer is : Bengaluru
36) Two numbers are in the ratio 8 : 9. If they differ by 7. What are the numbers?
a. 54 and 63
b. 49 and 56
c. 63 and 70
d. 56 and 63
The correct answer is : 56 and 63
37) Which city is called Manchester of Japan?
a. Tokyo
b. Kyoto
c. Osaka
d. Yokohama
The correct answer is : Osaka
38) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word - FATIGUE.
a. Tiredness
b. Calmness
c. Faithfulness
d. Hardness
The correct answer is : Tiredness
39) These are owned and operated by the government and its agencies:
a. Private sector
b. Public sector
c. Joint sector
d. Cooperative sector
The correct answer is : Public sector
40) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. Germany
b. Switzerland
c. France
d. Japan
The correct answer is : Japan
41) Which of the following diseases are not caused by Virus?
a. Chicken Pox
c. Cholera
d. Rabies
The correct answer is : Cholera
42) Farming which Involves cattle ranching for meat and dairy farming is called?
a. Pastoral farming
b. Organic farming
c. Sericulture
d. Horticulture
The correct answer is : Pastoral farming
43) Which country is the largest producer of tin in the world?
a. India
b. USA
c. China
d. Indonesia
The correct answer is : China
44) Find the word which is correctly spelt:
a. Vocabulary
b. Vocabulery
c. Vacabulary
d. Vocobulary
The correct answer is : Vocabulary
45) Which of the following organelles is called power house of the cell?
a. Lysosomes
b. Mitochondria
c. Ribososme
d. Centrosome
The correct answer is : Mitochondria
46) Which of the following is not a rabi crop?
a. Rice
b. Wheat
c. Pea
d. Soyabean
The correct answer is : Rice
47) In which year the Government of India passed the Wildlife Protection Act?
a. 1970
b. 1971
c. 1972
d. 1973
The correct answer is : 1972
48) Select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase - To beat the air.
a. To make frantic efforts
b. To act foolishly
c. To make efforts that are useless or vain
d. To make every possible effort
The correct answer is : To make efforts that are useless or vain
49) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word - RAPID
a. Fast
b. Slow
c. Divide
d. Derive
The correct answer is : Slow
50) Books were lying ________ the curtain.
a. in
b. at
c. behind
d. besides
The correct answer is : behind