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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, August 2018

1) Highest mountain in India is?
a. Kanchenjunga
b. Mount K2
c. Mount Everest
d. Anamudi
The correct answer is : Kanchenjunga
2) Who is the author of the book - PARADISE LOST?
a. V S Naipaul
b. Jhon Milton
c. Richard Nixon
d. William Shakespeare
The correct answer is : Jhon Milton
3) Bandhavgarh National Park is in which state?
a. Karnataka
b. Jammu & Kashmir
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Rajasthan
The correct answer is : Madhya Pradesh
4) A shopkeeper announces successive discounts of 10% and 20%. Find the equivalent percent discount.
a. 27%
b. 28%
c. 29%
d. 30%
The correct answer is : 28%
5) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word - SUCCUMB.
a. Collapse
b. Powerful
c. Resist
d. Praise
The correct answer is : Resist
6) From which mineral is Radium obtained?
a. Limestone
b. Haematite
c. Rutile
d. Pitchblende
The correct answer is : Pitchblende
7) Which of the following phenomenon helps to conclude that light is a transverse wave?
a. Interference
b. Diffraction
c. Polarisation
d. Refraction
The correct answer is : Polarisation
8) What is the correct meaning of the given idiom/phrase - Mean business?
a. One that hold no secrets
b. Being serious
c. Something unexpected and unpleasant
d. Appear Suddenly
The correct answer is : Being serious
9) Plank's constant has the dimensions of:
a. angular momentum
b. linear momentum
c. energy
d. force
The correct answer is : angular momentum
10) Find the word which is correctly spelt:
a. Facsinating
b. Charectaristics
c. Acceleretion
d. Scintillating
The correct answer is : Scintillating
11) Potassium nitrate is used in?
a. Medicine
b. Fertiliser
c. Salt
d. None of these
The correct answer is : Fertiliser
12) In a dictionary, among Restrict, Revise, Restore and Reverse, which word will come last?
a. Restrict
b. Revise
c. Restore
d. Reverse
The correct answer is : Restore
13) A shopkeeper offers a discount of 10% on his articles. The marked price of the article is Rs. 450. The selling price of the article should be?
a. Rs 400
b. Rs 405
c. Rs 410
d. Rs 415
The correct answer is : Rs 405
14) The Great Barrier Reef which is the world's largest coral reef system is situated in which country?
a. Japan
b. Mexico
c. Brazil
d. Australia
The correct answer is : Australia
15) Find the wrongly spelt word:
a. Sequential
b. Scevange
c. Rightous
d. Rejuvinate
The correct answer is : Sequential
16) Which country has won the football world cup maximum number of times?
a. Italy
b. Germany
c. Brazil
d. Argentina
The correct answer is : Brazil
17) Agni-V is a?
a. Tank
b. Aircraft
c. Misile
d. Warship
The correct answer is : Misile
18) Who is the first musician to get the Bharat Ratna?
a. Bhimsen Joshi
b. Lata Mangeshkar
c. Pandit Jasraj
d. M. S. Subbulakshmi
The correct answer is : M. S. Subbulakshmi
19) The ratio of two numbers is 3 : 4 and their H.C.F. if 5. Their L.C.M. is:
a. 60
b. 90
c. 30
d. 50
The correct answer is : 60
20) The disease Hepatitis cause damage to which organ of human body?
a. Heart
b. Liver
c. Lungs
d. Kidney
The correct answer is : Liver
21) Who discovered radioactivity?
a. J J Thomson
b. James Chadwick
c. Ernest Rutherford
d. Henri Becquerel
The correct answer is : Henri Becquerel
22) An article is sold at 10% loss. If the selling price is Rs. 40 more, there will be a gain of 15%. Find the cost price of the article.
a. Rs 140
b. Rs 150
c. Rs 160
d. Rs 170
The correct answer is : Rs 160
23) What is the full form of UPI?
a. Unified Payment Interface
b. United Payment Interface
c. United Pay Interface
d. Unified Pay Interface
The correct answer is : Unified Payment Interface
24) Neymar, the famous football player, plays for which country?
a. Argentina
b. Brazil
c. England
d. France
The correct answer is : Brazil
25) Industries or sectors which are owned and operated by the producers or suppliers of raw materials or workers.
a. Private sector
b. Public sector
c. Cooperative sector
d. Joint sector
The correct answer is : Cooperative sector
26) Who founded the Brahmo Samaj?
a. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
b. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
c. Swami Vivekanand
d. Acharya Vinobha Bhave
The correct answer is : Raja Ram Mohan Roy
27) Which soil is found in Indo-Gangetic plains?
a. Black soil
b. Cotton soil
c. Laterite soil
d. Alluvial soil
The correct answer is : Alluvial soil
28) Berlin is situated on the bank of which river?
a. Avon
b. Tigris
c. Spree
d. Rhine
The correct answer is : Spree
29) A large number of fish swimming together is called?
a. Flock
b. Shoal
c. Herd
d. Group
The correct answer is : Shoal
30) Which is the only State in India which has Sanskrit as one of its official languages?
a. Uttarakhand
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Bihar
The correct answer is : Uttarakhand
31) Which word cannot be formed from the given word - IMPRESSION?
The correct answer is : PRIEST
32) Identify the verb in the following sentence - Our client appreciated all the work we did for him..
a. Our
b. client
c. appreciated
d. work
The correct answer is : appreciated
33) A line on a map, chart or graph connecting points of equal value is called?
a. Isobar
b. Isoline
c. Isotherm
d. Isohaline
The correct answer is : Isoline
34) A device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is called?
a. Dynamo
b. Galvanometer
c. Ammeter
d. Voltmeter
The correct answer is : Dynamo
35) The Midday Meal Scheme, a school meal programme of the Government of India, was launched on?
a. 1990
b. 1995
c. 2000
d. 2005
The correct answer is : 1995
36) Who is the founder of Jainism?
a. Sudhodhana
b. Rishabha
c. Vardhamana
d. Siddhartha
The correct answer is : Rishabha
37) A piece of software that gains access to a computer by pretending to be benign or by hiding within some innocent-looking application is called?
a. Virus
b. Trojan
c. Malware
d. Worm
The correct answer is : Trojan
38) The position of the orbit of the moon when it is at its greatest distance from the Earth is called?
a. Apogee
b. Aphelion
c. Meridian
d. Doldrum
The correct answer is : Apogee
39) Permanent hardness of water may be removed by addition of?
a. Lime
b. Potassium Permanganate
c. Sodium Carbonate
d. Calcium oxide
The correct answer is : Sodium Carbonate
40) The gas which turns limewater milky is?
a. Oxygen
b. Nitrogen
c. Helium
d. Carbon dioxide
The correct answer is : Carbon dioxide
41) The ratio of the density of any substance to the density of some other substance taken as standard, water being the standard for liquids and solids, and hydrogen or air being the standard for gases is called?
a. Absolute humidity
b. Specific gravity
c. Relative humidity
d. Gravity
The correct answer is : Specific gravity
42) In a map 8.8 km is denoted by 0.8 cm. If the distance between Varanasi and Delhi on the map is 80.5 cm, find the distance in km in between the two?
a. 883.5 km
b. 884.5 km
c. 885.5 km
d. 886.5 km
The correct answer is : 885.5 km
43) In a journey of 160 km, a train covers the first 120 km at a speed of 80 km/h and the remaining distance at 40 km/h. The average speed of the train for the whole journey is:
a. 60 km/h
b. 64 km/h
c. 68 km/h
d. 72 km/h
The correct answer is : 64 km/h
44) In which year partition of Bengal was carried out by Lord Curzon, the British viceroy in India?
a. 1900
b. 1905
c. 1910
d. 1915
The correct answer is : 1905
45) Rubber belongs to which type of vegetation?
a. Tundra
b. Tidal
c. Tropical evergreen
d. Mangrove
The correct answer is : Tropical evergreen
46) River Thames flows in which country?
a. England
b. Germany
c. Italy
d. France
The correct answer is : England
47) Teesta river is the tributary of which river?
a. Ganga
b. Brahmaputra
c. Indus
d. Yamuna
The correct answer is : Brahmaputra
48) Whois the current national security advisor of India?
a. Pradip Kumar Sinha
b. Ajit Seth
c. Sanjay Mitra
d. Ajit Kumar Doval
The correct answer is : Ajit Kumar Doval
49) Tiny opening in leaves of plants which open and close to allow the intake of carbon dioxide and the release of oxygen is called?
a. Anther
b. Stigma
c. Stomata
d. Sepal
The correct answer is : Stomata
50) Identify the verb in the following sentence - Sally jumped over the fence.
a. Sally
b. jumped
c. over
d. fence
The correct answer is : jumped