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Questions & Answers for Class 3-5, August-2012

1) Shyam bought 31 bananas and gave each 2 for Ramya, sheela, Ramu, Peter, Osman and teacher. Now how many bananas are left with Shyam?
a. 15
b. 17
c. 19
d. 21
The correct answer is : 19
2) If ambulance is seen, what shall we do?
a. Stop and enquire
b. Give way
c. See who are inside
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Give way
3) Pickup from the following Which is that we get from soil?
a. wood
b. water
c. bricks
d. clay
The correct answer is : clay
4) Which of the following do not require Electricity?
a. Electric Bulb
b. Solar lamp
c. Ceiling Fan
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Solar lamp
5) Subtract 650 grams from 2.15 kg
a. 1.8 kg
b. 1.5 kg
c. 1.25 kg
d. 1.35kg
The correct answer is : 1.5 kg
6) Find the correct pair from the following
a. old and young
b. law and order
c. kith and kin
d. all of the above
The correct answer is : all of the above
7) Mango weighs 235 grams more than biscuits pocket. The weight of the biscuits pocket is 155 grams. Find the weight of the Mango?
a. 355 grams
b. 290 grams
c. 390 grams
d. 380 grams
The correct answer is : 390 grams
8) I am always hanging on to the neck of a doctor. Who am I?
a. Bandage
b. Stethoscope
c. Garland
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Stethoscope
9) '+' Sign in Red colour indicates
a. School
b. post office
c. hospital
d. house
The correct answer is : hospital
10) World Series Hockey prize money to the WSH Rock star (Most valuable player) is
a. 25 Lakh
b. 50 Lakh
c. 1 Crore
d. 1.5 Crore
The correct answer is : 1 Crore
11) Choose the opposite word for "intentional".
a. international
b. not willing
c. accidental
d. occasionally
The correct answer is : accidental
12) Which of the following is used mostly for preparation of class 5 question paper on computer?
a. MS - word
b. MS - Excel
c. MS - paint
d. E-mail
The correct answer is : MS - word
13) Malathi brought a hexagonal tile to play. How many sides has the tile?
a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 10
The correct answer is : 6
14) Choose the correct past tense sentence.
a. We go to cinima tomorrow
b. We went to cinima yesterday
c. We are going to cinima today
d. We may go to cinima on Saturday
The correct answer is : We went to cinima yesterday
15) Which of the following is not a out door game?
a. Trekking
b. Hockey
c. Table tennis
d. Kabaddi
The correct answer is : Table tennis
16) Who is the best child artist in 2012 Ugadi awards?
a. pavan
b. Sara
c. Dhanush
d. Gaurav
The correct answer is : Sara
17) "Vote" is related with
a. Selection
b. Collection
c. Adaption
d. Election
The correct answer is : Election
18) MP3 is extension for
a. Data file
b. MS - Paint file
c. Audio file
d. Video file
The correct answer is : Audio file
19) How often do you play Kabadi?
a. With friends
b. on Sunday
c. weekly twice
d. after home work
The correct answer is : weekly twice
20) Write plural for the word "Syllabus".
a. Syllabuses
b. Syllabus
c. Syllabuy
d. Syllabi
The correct answer is : Syllabi
21) Find the material required to make clay pots?
a. Water
b. Fire
c. Wheel
d. all of the above
The correct answer is : all of the above
22) People who kill animals are called
a. black marketers
b. hawala brokers
c. hunters
d. dacoits
The correct answer is : hunters
23) Adding chlorine to drinking water is called
a. mixture
b. chlorination
c. cleaning
d. activating
The correct answer is : chlorination
24) Which of the following moves the cursor around the screen?
a. Key board
b. Pen drive
c. Mouse
d. CD
The correct answer is : Mouse
25) Find the place value of 5 from "8057401"
a. hundreds
b. thousands
c. ten thousands
d. lakhs
The correct answer is : ten thousands
26) Example for converting machanical energy into electrical energy?
a. Electric bulb
b. Battary cell
c. Mobile
d. Dynamo
The correct answer is : Dynamo
27) What is the double weight of 23.75 kg?
a. 43.75 kg
b. 47.5 kg
c. 46. 75 kg
d. 46.5 kg
The correct answer is : 47.5 kg
28) Who's ears are bigger?
a. Dog
b. Elephant
c. Cat
d. Tiger
The correct answer is : Elephant
29) Which of the following takes active role in burning
a. Oxygen
b. water
c. carbon dioxide
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Oxygen
30) This is an organ in human body.
a. Brain
b. Heart
c. Liver
d. all of the above
The correct answer is : all of the above
31) 60000 + 70 + 900 + 3 =
a. 67093
b. 67903
c. 6900703
d. 60973
The correct answer is : 60973
32) If a child is sick, Who has to be consulted?
a. Teacher
b. Doctor
c. Condoctor
d. Electrician
The correct answer is : Doctor
33) Which vegetable is green in colour?
a. Ladies finger
b. Bottle guard
c. Bitter guard
d. all of the above
The correct answer is : all of the above
34) Which of the following is the child right?
a. Right to expression
b. Right to nutrition
c. Right to recreation
d. all of the above
The correct answer is : all of the above
35) The first mechanically driven bicycle is made by
a. Kirkpatrick MacMillan
b. Bacon
c. White brothers
d. Leonardo
The correct answer is : Kirkpatrick MacMillan
36) 1 X 3 X 2 X 0 =
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 0
The correct answer is : 0
37) Which of the following is a medicinal plant?
a. Rose
b. Lilly
c. Tulsi
d. Rose cactus
The correct answer is : Tulsi
38) Reading by touching and feeling is called
a. Manuscript
b. Braille script
c. Java script
d. pictographic scripts
The correct answer is : Braille script
39) Find the plant which trap and eat frogs and insects.
a. Pitcher plant
b. Rose plant
c. Aloevera
d. Ficus Black
The correct answer is : Pitcher plant
40) What is the highest high jump record ?
a. 2 mts
b. 2.25 mts
c. 2.45 mts
d. 2.75 mts
The correct answer is : 2.45 mts
41) 80389, round it to nearest thousands.
a. 80380
b. 80300
c. 80000
d. 81000
The correct answer is : 80000
42) Who invented the first video game?
a. Willium Shockley
b. Willium Higinbotham
c. Willium Murdock
d. Wilbur Wright
The correct answer is : Willium Higinbotham
43) Which vehicle is mostly used for agriculture?
a. Jeep
b. Train
c. Tractor
d. Ambulance
The correct answer is : Tractor
44) Find the thing that dissolve in water.
a. oil
b. sand
c. milk
d. wood powder
The correct answer is : milk
45) Which country bagged highest number of Gold medals in XIX Commonwealth Games (Delhi 2010)
a. Australia
b. Canada
c. England
d. India
The correct answer is : Australia
46) If 128 is required as result, which of the following is correct.
a. 2 x 4 x 6 x 8
b. 8 x 6 x 3
c. 2 x 4 x 16
d. 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 4
The correct answer is : 2 x 4 x 16
47) "Swamy and friends" book written by
a. Sarojini Naidu
b. Kalidasa
c. R K Narayanan
d. Kabirdas
The correct answer is : R K Narayanan
48) Which of the following is not a method of cooking?
a. Roasting
b. Frying
c. Baking
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : none of the above
49) Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya are spread by
a. pet dogs
b. pigs
c. cats
d. mosquitoes
The correct answer is : mosquitoes
50) Who is the successful Indian dancer with artificial leg?
a. Ragamayee
b. Sudha Chandran
c. Sarada
d. Preethi
The correct answer is : Sudha Chandran