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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, August 2018

1) Name the former Prime Minister of India who died on 16th August 2018?
a. Narendra Modi
b. Manmohan Singh
c. Lal Krishna Advani
d. Atal Behari Vajpayee
The correct answer is : Atal Behari Vajpayee
2) Who was the first British Governor General of India?
a. Lord William Bentinck
b. Lord Mountbatten
c. C Rajgopalachari
d. C F Andrews
The correct answer is : Lord William Bentinck
3) Find the odd: Feet, Inch, Metre, Kilogram.
a. Feed
b. Inch
c. Metre
d. Kilogram
The correct answer is : Kilogram
4) If the cost price of 12 pens is equal to the selling price of 8 pens, the gain percent is:
a. 0.25
b. 0.4
c. 0.5
d. 0.75
The correct answer is : 0.5
5) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word - INTROVERT.
a. Extrovert
b. Shy
c. Fearful
d. Reserve
The correct answer is : Extrovert
6) Who has become the first ever Indian shuttler to enter a badminton final at the Asian Games?
a. P V Sindhu
b. Saina Nehwal
c. Kidambi Srikanth
d. Parupalli Kashyap
The correct answer is : P V Sindhu
7) Which latitude passes through the middle of India?
a. Arctic Circle
b. Equator
c. Tropic of Cancer
d. Tropic of Capricorn
The correct answer is : Tropic of Cancer
8) What is the correct meaning of the given idiom/phrase - At the eleventh hour?
a. To follow someone
b. To ask for too much
c. A poor plan
d. At the last possible moment
The correct answer is : At the last possible moment
9) Which is the deepest and protected port in India?
a. Vishakhapatnam Port
b. Tuticorin Port
c. Cochin Port
d. Mumbai Port
The correct answer is : Vishakhapatnam Port
10) Find the word which is correctly spelt:
a. Disagreable
b. Effervescent
c. Fascimile
d. Huricane
The correct answer is : Effervescent
11) Who is the author of the book - Malgudi Days?
a. Vishnu Sharma
b. R K Narayan
c. Jhumpa Lahiri
d. Gulzar
The correct answer is : R K Narayan
12) In a dictionary, among Merchant, Mercury, Merciful and Merchandise, which word will come last?
a. Merchant
b. Mercury
c. Merciful
d. Merchandise
The correct answer is : Mercury
13) Find the missing number: 8, 7, 11, 12, 14, 17, 17, 22, ?
a. 19
b. 22
c. 20
d. 25
The correct answer is : 20
14) The most important small scale industry in India is the:
a. Paper Industry
b. Jute Industry
c. Textile Industry
d. Handloom Industry
The correct answer is : Handloom Industry
15) Find the word which is wrongly spelt:
a. Residential
b. Profitering
c. Onerous
d. Meteorite
The correct answer is : Profitering
16) A shepherd had 27 sheep. All but 10 died. How many he left with?
a. 27 sheep
b. 10 sheep
c. 17 sheep
d. 37 sheep
The correct answer is : 10 sheep
17) Which country has the longest International boundary with India?
a. China
b. Pakistan
c. Nepal
d. Bangladesh
The correct answer is : Bangladesh
18) D.D.T. was invented by?
a. Albert Calmette
b. Paul Hermann Müller
c. Jonas Salk
d. Albert Sabin
The correct answer is : Paul Hermann Müller
19) Three numbers are in the ratio 4 : 5 : 6 and their average is 25. The largest number is :
a. 30
b. 40
c. 50
d. 60
The correct answer is : 30
20) Find the odd: Sun, Moon, Universe, Planets.
a. Sun
b. Moon
c. Universe
d. Planets
The correct answer is : Universe
21) Davis Cup is associated with which sports?
a. Tennis
b. Badminton
c. Hockey
d. Cricket
The correct answer is : Tennis
22) At what rate percent per annum (simple interest) will a sum of money double in 8 years.
a. 0.1
b. 0.125
c. 0.155
d. 8.5000000000000006E-2
The correct answer is : 0.125
23) Who is known as the Father of Lok Sabha?
a. G V Mavalankar
b. Pramod Mahajan
c. M A Ayyangar
d. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
The correct answer is : G V Mavalankar
24) What is the opposite of dull?
a. Sharp
b. Bright
c. Exciting
d. All of these
The correct answer is : All of these
25) What are the main products of photosynthesis?
a. Oxygen
b. Sugar
c. Carbon dioxide
d. Oxygen and sugar
The correct answer is : Oxygen and sugar
26) In the following pairs Nurse is related to Doctor in a certain way, Doctor : Nurse :: ? : Follower. Similary, Follower is related to which in the same way?
a. Employer
b. Leader
c. Worker
d. Manager
The correct answer is : Leader
27) Where is RAM located?
a. External Drive
b. Mother Board
c. Monitor
The correct answer is : Mother Board
28) Who played the character of Sanjay Dutt in the movie Sanju?
a. Shahid Kapoor
b. Sushant Singh Rajput
c. Ranbir Kapoor
d. Ranveer Singh
The correct answer is : Ranbir Kapoor
29) Which is the longest river of South India?
a. Krishna
b. Godavari
c. Cauvery
d. Periyar
The correct answer is : Godavari
30) Who is the first Indian to win Magsaysay Award?
a. Acharya Vinoba Bhave
b. Swami Vivekanand
c. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
d. Baba Amte
The correct answer is : Acharya Vinoba Bhave
31) Which word cannot be formed from the given word - MATHEMATICIAN?
The correct answer is : THEME
32) Three number are in the ratio of 3 : 4 : 5 and their L.C.M. is 2400. Find their H.C.F.
a. 30
b. 40
c. 50
d. 60
The correct answer is : 40
33) Who is the author of the book - Meghdoot?
a. Kalidas
b. Banabhatta
c. Harshavardhana
d. Ved Vyas
The correct answer is : Kalidas
34) The route of first bullet train being constructed in India is from?
a. Mumbai-Jaipur
b. Mumbai-Surat
c. Mumbai-Goa
d. Mumbai-Ahmedabad
The correct answer is : Mumbai-Ahmedabad
35) Chief justice of High Court (India) serves till the age of:
a. 58 years
b. 60 years
c. 62 years
d. 65 years
The correct answer is : 62 years
36) Among Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort and Qutub Minar, which is a World Heritage site?
a. Humayan's Tomb
b. Red Fort
c. Qutub Minar
d. All of these
The correct answer is : All of these
37) Who defeated Siraj-ud-Daulah in the Battle of Plassey in 1757 AD?
a. Lord Clive
b. Lord Dalhousie
c. Lord Wellesley
d. Lord Cornwallis
The correct answer is : Lord Clive
38) Which state is the eastern most state of India?
a. Nagaland
b. Tripura
c. Arunachal Pradesh
d. Meghalaya
The correct answer is : Arunachal Pradesh
39) Who is the current chief minister of Karnataka (as of July 2018)?
a. H D Kumaraswamy
b. H D Devegowda
c. H D Revanna
d. E K Palanisamy
The correct answer is : H D Kumaraswamy
40) On which date International Literacy Day is celebrated?
a. 8th March
b. 8th June
c. 8th August
d. 8th September
The correct answer is : 8th September
41) Who is known as the father of Indian missile technology?
a. Homi J Bhabha
b. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam
c. C V Raman
d. A S Kiran Kumar
The correct answer is : Dr A P J Abdul Kalam
42) A student has to obtain 33% of the total marks to pass. He got 125 marks and failed by 40 marks. Find the maximum marks.
a. 300
b. 400
c. 500
d. 600
The correct answer is : 500
43) A student got twice as many sums wrong as he got right. If he attempted 51 sums in all, how many did he solve correctly?
a. 17
b. 34
c. 51
d. None of these
The correct answer is : 17
44) Synonym of Facilitate is:
a. Hinder
b. Help
c. Threat
d. Insticate
The correct answer is : Help
45) At which particular place on earth are days and nights of equal length always?
a. Poles
b. Tropic of Cancer
c. Equator
d. Prime Meridian
The correct answer is : Equator
46) Which type of animals eat both producers and consumers?
a. Herbivores
b. Carnivores
c. Omnivores
d. None of these
The correct answer is : Omnivores
47) The biggest public sector undertaking in the country is:
a. Banks
b. Railways
c. Army
d. Post offices
The correct answer is : Railways
48) Carolina Marin plays for which country?
a. China
b. Thailand
c. Singapore
d. Spain
The correct answer is : Spain
49) Fathometer is used to measure:
a. Ocean depth
b. Atmospheric pressure
c. Earthquake
d. Electric current
The correct answer is : Ocean depth
50) Identify the verb in the following sentence - Sanjana reads newspaper in the train every morning.
a. reads
b. newspaper
c. every
d. morning
The correct answer is : reads