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Questions & Answers for Class 6-8, February-2017

1) Against which country India register their highest-ever score of 759/7 in a Test innings during the ongoing cricket Test match at Chennai?
a. South Africa
b. Australia
c. England
d. Sri Lanka
The correct answer is : England
2) In which year India conducted its first nuclear weapon test?
a. 1971
b. 1972
c. 1973
d. 1974
The correct answer is : 1974
3) Data that is copied from an application is called?
a. Clipboard
b. Chessboard
c. Copyboard
d. Pasteboard
The correct answer is : Clipboard
4) A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. What is the present age of father?
a. 30
b. 34
c. 46
d. 22
The correct answer is : 46
5) Who is the first actor to receive Filmfare award in Best Actor category?
a. Shahrukh Khan
b. Dilip Kumar
c. Amitabh Bachchan
d. Dev Anand
The correct answer is : Dilip Kumar
6) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word - CONFESS
a. Deny
b. Allow
c. Natural
d. Frank
The correct answer is : Deny
7) A person crosses a 600 m long platform in 5 minutes. What is his speed in km per hour?
a. 5.2
b. 6.2
c. 7.2
d. 8.2
The correct answer is : 7.2
8) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. 27
b. 63
c. 54
d. 60
The correct answer is : 60
9) What is the short cut key for pasting a copied content in Microsoft Word?
a. Ctrl + X
b. Ctrl + V
c. Ctrl + W
d. Ctrl + P
The correct answer is : Ctrl + V
10) Who was popularly known as Man of Peace?
a. Jawaharlal Nehru
b. Lal Bahadur Shastri
c. Morarji Desai
d. Dr Rajendra Prasad
The correct answer is : Lal Bahadur Shastri
11) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word - ILLICIT.
a. not sociable
b. not legal
c. not legible
d. not attractive
The correct answer is : not legal
12) Who is the author of the book Meghdoot?
a. Kalidas
b. Harshvardhan
c. Mahadevi Verma
d. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
The correct answer is : Kalidas
13) The soldier has no choice but to ………. his officer's orders.
a. carry away
b. carry out
c. carry on
d. carry through
The correct answer is : carry out
14) Two numbers are in the ratio 2 : 3. If their L.C.M. is 48. what is sum of the numbers?
a. 25
b. 40
c. 55
d. 64
The correct answer is : 40
15) First recipient of Param Vir Chakra was?
a. Somnath Sharma
b. Kuldeep Singh
c. Satvik Bose
d. Pankaj Chopra
The correct answer is : Somnath Sharma
16) Which word best expresses the meaning of the given sentence - A person pretending to be somebody he is not?
a. Culprit
b. Magician
c. Imposter
d. Invader
The correct answer is : Imposter
17) Which number should come next in the following series - 1, 8, 27, 64, ?
a. 216
b. 100
c. 125
d. 625
The correct answer is : 125
18) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. Bicycle
b. Car
c. Motorcycle
d. Bus
The correct answer is : Bicycle
19) Who was the first woman Chief Minister of an Indian State?
a. Sheila Dixit
b. J Jayalalitha
c. Sarojini Naidu
d. Sucheta Kripalani
The correct answer is : Sucheta Kripalani
20) Old name of the state Uttarakhand is?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Uttaranchal
c. Uttar Nagar
d. Uttarapur
The correct answer is : Uttaranchal
21) In which of the following countries Bengali is spoken?
a. Nepal
b. Bhutan
c. Sri Lanka
d. Bangladesh
The correct answer is : Bangladesh
22) Which cricketer became the only second cricketer after Virender Sehwag to score triple century in Test cricket?
a. Virat Kohli
b. Karun Nair
c. KL Rahul
d. Rohit Sharma
The correct answer is : Karun Nair
23) The population of a town increased from 1,75,000 to 2,62,500 in a decade. What is the percent increase of population?
a. 20%
b. 30%
c. 40%
d. 50%
The correct answer is : 50%
24) Average age of 8 boys and 10 girls in a class is 10 years and 8 years respectively. What is the average age of class?
a. 6.9
b. 7.9
c. 8.9
d. 9.9
The correct answer is : 8.9
25) Name the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister who passed away recently at the age of 68?
a. O Panneerselvam
b. J Jayalalithaa
c. M Karunanidhi
d. Siddaramaiah
The correct answer is : J Jayalalithaa
26) Since 2017, April 14, the birth anniversary of father of Indian Constitution B R Ambedkar will be observed as ........... day in the country.
a. Constitution Day
b. Social Welfare Day
c. Water Day
d. Environment Day
The correct answer is : Water Day
27) In which year Goa was made 25th state of India?
a. 1967
b. 1977
c. 1987
d. 1997
The correct answer is : 1977
28) The chemical symbol of Fluorine is
a. Fl
b. F
c. Fu
d. Fn
The correct answer is : F
29) Tipu Sultan was the ruler of the Kingdom of?
a. Travancore
b. Salem
c. Hyderabad
d. Mysore
The correct answer is : Mysore
30) A pull or push which changes or tends to change the state of motion of a body is called?
a. Momentum
b. Inertia
c. Force
d. Power
The correct answer is : Force
31) Find the wrongly correctly spelt word.
a. Sacrifice
b. Acheivement
c. Genuine
d. Inflammable
The correct answer is : Acheivement
32) Common cold is caused by?
a. Bacteria
b. Virus
c. Worms
d. Protozoans
The correct answer is : Virus
33) Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is the chemical name of?
a. Washing Soda
b. Lime
c. Common Salt
d. Baking Soda
The correct answer is : Common Salt
34) Brass is the alloy of?
a. Copper and Zinc
b. Copper and Lead
c. Copper, Zinc and Nickel
d. Copper and Aluminium
The correct answer is : Copper and Zinc
35) Which of the following is the biggest continent in terms of population?
a. Australia
b. Asia
c. Africa
d. Europe
The correct answer is : Asia
36) Fin the odd from the given choices.
a. Lion
b. Tiger
c. Elephant
d. Cow
The correct answer is : Cow
37) Red Cross is the sign of?
a. Family Plannning
b. Danger
c. Peace
d. Medical Help
The correct answer is : Medical Help
38) In Tonsilitis which part of the body is affected?
a. Throat
b. Tongue
c. Gums
d. Lips
The correct answer is : Throat
39) If A is coded as Z, B is coded as Y, C is coded as X then CUP will be coded as?
a. XSK
b. XFK
c. JFL
d. JFK
The correct answer is : XFK
40) Who is popularly known as Flying Sikh?
a. Kapil Dev
b. Milkha Singh
c. Navjot Singh Sidhu
d. PT Usha
The correct answer is : Milkha Singh
41) First woman President of India is?
a. Pratibha Patil
b. Indira Gandhi
c. Sarojini Naidu
d. J Jayalalitha
The correct answer is : Pratibha Patil
42) First heart transplant surgery was done by?
a. Robert Koch
b. Christian Barnard
c. Alexander Fleming
d. Walton Lillehel
The correct answer is : Christian Barnard
43) With which of the following state Maharashtra share its border?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Telengana
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Tamil Nadu
The correct answer is : Telengana
44) In which state Tehri Dam is built on the river Bhagirathi?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Punjab
c. Uttarakhand
d. Himachal Pradesh
The correct answer is : Uttarakhand
45) Arjuna Award is given for outstanding contributions in the field of?
a. Cinema
b. Journalism
c. Science
d. Sports
The correct answer is : Sports
46) Every year World Population Day is obseved on?
a. 25 May
b. 5 June
c. 11 July
d. 20 August
The correct answer is : 11 July
47) Leo Tolstoy is related to which of the following field?
a. Sports
b. Politics
c. Writer
d. Scientist
The correct answer is : Writer
48) Largest lake in India is?
a. Chilka lake
b. Pulicat lake
c. Dal lake
d. Wular lake
The correct answer is : Wular lake
49) Adolf Hitler was the leader of which country?
a. Germany
b. France
c. Italy
d. England
The correct answer is : Germany
50) Birthday of Rabindra Nath Tagore is observed on?
a. 12 January
b. 7 May
c. 23 July
d. 21 September
The correct answer is : 7 May