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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, February 2018

1) Indian Institute of Science(IISc) is located at:
a. Bengaluru
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Hyderabad
d. Pune
The correct answer is : Bengaluru
2) Who is the author of the book - Arabian Nights?
a. Mark Twain
b. Lewis Carroll
c. Sir Richard Burton
d. William Shakespeare
The correct answer is : Sir Richard Burton
3) Find the smallest number by which 720 must be multiplied so that the product is a perfect square.
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
The correct answer is : 5
4) Which farming involves using techniques without harming the natural environment?
a. Organic farming
b. Pastoral farming
c. Dairy farming
d. Horticulture
The correct answer is : Organic farming
5) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word - AUTHENTIC.
a. Genuine
b. False
c. Factual
d. Real
The correct answer is : False
6) The national motto of India is:
a. Bharat Mata Ki Jai
b. Vayam Rakshaamah
c. Ekta aur Anushasan
d. Satyameva Jayate
The correct answer is : Satyameva Jayate
7) Capital of Cambodia is:
a. Phnom Penh
b. Santiago
c. Prague
d. Cairo
The correct answer is : Phnom Penh
8) Find the smallest number by which 72 must be multiplied to get a perfect cube?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
The correct answer is : 3
9) Mushrooms are:
a. Virus
b. Bacteria
c. Protozoa
d. Fungus
The correct answer is : Fungus
10) Find the word which is correctly spelt:
a. Preferense
b. Disipline
c. Recommend
d. Teritorial
The correct answer is : Recommend
11) Every year World Diabetes Day is observed on:
a. 14 November
b. 14 December
c. 14 October
d. 14 September
The correct answer is : 14 November
12) As per 2011 census, total population of india is:
a. 101 crore
b. 111 crore
c. 121 crore
d. 131 crore
The correct answer is : 121 crore
13) In a dictionary which of the given word will come last:
a. Reservation
b. Representation
c. Renunciation
d. Referendum
The correct answer is : Reservation
14) Identify the cell. 1. It is round in shape. 2. It does not have a nucleus. 3. It transports oxygen in the body.
a. Epithelial cell
b. Red blood cell
c. White blood cell
d. Blood platelets
The correct answer is : Red blood cell
15) Honours Your Trust is the tag line of which bank?
a. Vijaya Bank
b. City Union Bank
c. UCO Bank
d. Corporation Bank
The correct answer is : UCO Bank
16) Grammy Award is given in the field of:
a. Arts
b. Military
c. Literature
d. Music
The correct answer is : Music
17) Dynamo is invented by:
a. Benjamin Franklin
b. Michael Faraday
c. Thomas Edison
d. J J Thomson
The correct answer is : Michael Faraday
18) Where is the NCC Headquarter at the National level located?
a. Kolkata
b. Mumbai
c. New Delhi
d. Tamil Nadu
The correct answer is : New Delhi
19) Divide Rs 336 among the three friends A, B and C in the ratio of 3 : 4 : 5. What is the share of A.
a. Rs 84
b. Rs 112
c. Rs 140
d. Rs 336
The correct answer is : Rs 84
20) Veer Savarkar International Airport is located at which city of India?
a. Port Blair
b. Silvassa
c. Kavaratti
d. Chandigarh
The correct answer is : Port Blair
21) Select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase - Go Dutch.
a. Go together
b. Divide the costs
c. Very disappointed
d. Drive together
The correct answer is : Divide the costs
22) Find the correctly spelt word:
a. Fortuitous
b. Comissioned
c. Resurgense
d. Haphazzard
The correct answer is : Fortuitous
23) Largest mammal in the world is:
a. Elephant
b. Hippopotamus
c. Giraffe
d. Whale
The correct answer is : Whale
24) Cricketer Sir Donald Bradman played for which country?
a. England
b. South Africa
c. Australia
d. New Zealand
The correct answer is : Australia
25) One person travels in a car to office and another rides a bicycle to work. Which is the suitable term for the given situation?
a. Secularism
b. Inequality
c. Diversity
d. Pluralism
The correct answer is : Inequality
26) Narora Atomic Power Plant is in which state?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Rajasthan
d. Karnataka
The correct answer is : Uttar Pradesh
27) Movement of which makes electric current flows?
a. Proton
b. Neutron
c. Electrons
d. None of these
The correct answer is : Electrons
28) The function of a switch in an electric circuit is to:
a. complete or break the circuit
b. prevent electric shock
c. convert electrical energy to light energy
d. control the flow of current
The correct answer is : complete or break the circuit
29) Ghoomar is the folk dance of which state?
a. Rajasthan
b. Punjab
c. Gujarat
d. Maharashtra
The correct answer is : Rajasthan
30) An equation for the statement '5 less than twice of x is 20' will be:
a. 5 - 2x = 20
b. 2x - 5 = 20
c. x - 5 = 20
d. 5x - 2 = 20
The correct answer is : 2x - 5 = 20
31) Lightest gas in the world is:
a. Helium
b. Oxygen
c. Nitrogen
d. Hydrogen
The correct answer is : Hydrogen
32) How much time was taken to frame constitution of India?
a. About 1 year
b. About 2 year
c. About 3 year
d. About 4 year
The correct answer is : About 3 year
33) Among water, nickel, copper and glass, which is a magnetic substance?
a. Water
b. Nickel
c. Copper
d. Glass
The correct answer is : Nickel
34) Highest dam in India is:
a. Tehri dam
b. Hirakud dam
c. Bhakra Nangal dam
d. Maithon dam
The correct answer is : Tehri dam
35) Crops sown in winter and harvested in spring are known as:
a. Zaid
b. Kharif
c. Rabi
d. None of these
The correct answer is : Rabi
36) Example of recyclable wasters are:
a. Glass
b. Paper
c. Cloth
d. All of these
The correct answer is : All of these
37) Ajanta and Ellora caves is in which state?
a. Gujarat
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Maharashtra
d. Rajasthan
The correct answer is : Maharashtra
38) Head quarter of International Cricket Council (ICC) is in:
a. Dubai
b. Canberra
c. London
d. New Delhi
The correct answer is : Dubai
39) Cocus, Bacillus, Spirillum and Vibrios are different shapes of:
a. Algae
b. Fungi
c. Virus
d. Bacteria
The correct answer is : Bacteria
40) What will come at the question mark, 4 : 17 :: 7 : ?.
a. 50
b. 49
c. 48
d. 51
The correct answer is : 50
41) Which is the first country to win the world cup football?
a. Argentina
b. Uruguay
c. Mexico
d. Brazil
The correct answer is : Uruguay
42) Which word cannot be formed from the given word - INCONVENIENCE.
The correct answer is : CONSCIENCE
43) He will impart no information _____ anyone.
a. from
b. for
c. to
d. with
The correct answer is : to
44) 2 : 5 can be expressed as-
a. 10 per cent
b. 20 per cent
c. 30 per cent
d. 40 per cent
The correct answer is : 40 per cent
45) Parliament of Bangladesh is known as:
a. Jatiya Sangsad
b. Sansad
c. National Assembly
d. General Council
The correct answer is : Jatiya Sangsad
46) Find the wrongly spelt word:
a. Braeth
b. Loggerhead
c. Alternative
d. Dispersed
The correct answer is : Braeth
47) Give one word for - That which cannot be avoided.
a. Unrestrained
b. Inevitable
c. Integral
d. Unvarying
The correct answer is : Inevitable
48) Head quarter of International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in:
a. New York City
b. Geneva
c. Montreal
d. Washington, D.C.
The correct answer is : Washington, D.C.
49) Meaning of the given word DAMP is:
a. Wet
b. Light
c. Clear
d. Careless
The correct answer is : Wet
50) Which country was the first to send human to Moon?
a. Japan
b. China
c. USA
d. Russia
The correct answer is : USA