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Questions & Answers for Class 6-8, February-2012

1) If a,b,c,d, ……. are rational numbers, find the degree of polynomial a + bx + cx3 + dx5 (d ≠ 0)
a. 0
b. 1
c. 3
d. 5
The correct answer is : 5
2) Material used in the preparation of tiles is
a. Limestone
b. Mortar
c. Concrete
d. Clay
The correct answer is : Clay
3) Electric charge is measured in
a. Amperes
b. Ohms
c. Coulombs
d. Watts
The correct answer is : Coulombs
4) The Unique feature of India is
a. Unity in Diversity
b. Diversity in unity
c. Unity of features
d. Unity in language
The correct answer is : Unity in Diversity
5) It is treated as the queen of social sciences
a. History
b. Economics
c. Civics
d. Geography
The correct answer is : Economics
6) If 4x = 64, find x.
a. 4
b. 3
c. 6
d. 8
The correct answer is : 3
7) The insect that spoil the clothes
a. ant
b. silver-fish
c. cricket
d. honey-bee
The correct answer is : silver-fish
8) The hard crust of the Earth is called
a. Hydrosphere
b. Lithosphere
c. Biosphere
d. Atmosphere
The correct answer is : Lithosphere
9) The holy place of Jains
a. Gaya
b. Pataliputra
c. Sravana Belagola
d. Saranath
The correct answer is : Sravana Belagola
10) Capital means
a. Natures wealth
b. Goods and services
c. Organisation
d. Buildings and Machinery
The correct answer is : Buildings and Machinery
11) An equation which is true for all real values of its variables is called
a. Identity
b. Prime
c. Null
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Identity
12) Molecular formulae for Sodium Nitrate is
a. NaCl
b. NaNO3
c. Na2So4
d. HNO3
The correct answer is : NaNO3
13) The deepest Ocean is
a. Atlantic Ocean
b. Arctic Ocean
c. Pacific Ocean
d. Indian Ocean
The correct answer is : Pacific Ocean
14) The king who made Buddhism a national religion
a. Harsha
b. Bindusara
c. Kanishka
d. Ashoka
The correct answer is : Ashoka
15) An important factor in promoting skills and efficiency
a. Housing facility
b. Health
c. Environment
d. Education
The correct answer is : Education
16) Find the square root of 121x4
a. 11x4
b. x2
c. 11x2
d. 4x2
The correct answer is : 11x2
17) On heating white Zinc Oxide turns into
a. Red colour
b. Yellow colour
c. White colour
d. Blue colour
The correct answer is : Yellow colour
18) A narrow passage of sea water dividing two large land Masses
a. Strait
b. Lagoon
c. Delta
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Strait
19) The native king, who fought bravely against Alexander
a. Ashoka
b. Porus
c. Kanishka
d. Harsha
The correct answer is : Porus
20) Where do the Asian games played in 2014?
a. Incheon
b. Doha
c. Bangkok
d. Tokyo
The correct answer is : Incheon
21) Lateral surface area of a cuboid is
a. A = 2h(l+b)
b. A = h(2l+b)
c. A = 2(l+b)
d. A = 4h(l+b)
The correct answer is : A = 2h(l+b)
22) The intensity of light is measured in 'Lux' . One foot-candle =
a. 1.076 Lux
b. 10.76 Lux
c. 107.6 Lux
d. 1076 Lux
The correct answer is : 10.76 Lux
23) The largest island group in the world is
a. Philippines
b. Andaman, Nikobar
c. Japan
d. Indonesia
The correct answer is : Indonesia
24) First school of learning a child is
a. Family
b. Society
c. Caste
d. Religion
The correct answer is : Family
25) Number of bones found in the human skull?
a. 20
b. 22
c. 24
d. 26
The correct answer is : 22
26) The circle passing through the vertices of a triangle is called the
a. circumcentre
b. circumradius
c. circumcircle
d. circumference
The correct answer is : circumcircle
27) The speed to reach by a satellite to overcome the earth's gravitational pull is
a. 11.2 km.p.h
b. 11.2 km.p.s
c. 11.2 m.p.s
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : 11.2 km.p.s
28) The agriculture system in which we use machinery
a. Shifting
b. Intensive
c. Extensive
d. Mixed
The correct answer is : Extensive
29) Person who fought against social evils
a. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
b. C V Raman
c. Jawaharlal Nehru
d. Subash Chandra Bose
The correct answer is : Raja Ram Mohan Roy
30) Which bank's slogan is "With you all the way"?
a. PNB
b. UTI
c. SBI
d. Bank of India
The correct answer is : SBI
31) How many independent measurements are required to construct a trapezium?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
The correct answer is : 4
32) Blood carries the waste materials to
a. Alimentary
b. Lungs
c. Kidneys
d. Heart
The correct answer is : Kidneys
33) The country famous for diamonds and pearls
a. Egypt
b. Algeria
c. Nigeria
d. South Africa
The correct answer is : South Africa
34) The seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers are supplied by
a. Primary Health Officer
b. Tahsildar
c. Agricultural Officer
d. Sub-Inspector of Police
The correct answer is : Agricultural Officer
35) Which vitamin is important for normal brain and nurve function?
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin D
c. Vitamin B1
d. Vitamin B6
The correct answer is : Vitamin B6
36) A Circle diagram is divided into conponent sector is called
a. Bar diagram
b. line diagram
c. Pie diagram
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Pie diagram
37) We can get good varieties of rose plant by
a. Layering
b. Cutting
c. Grafting
d. Seeds
The correct answer is : Grafting
38) The country which is famous for automobile Industry
a. Great Britain
b. Sweden
c. Austria
d. Switzerland
The correct answer is : Great Britain
39) Road safety pledge point
a. Take care of domestic animals
b. Travel by wearing golden ornaments
c. Talking to the strangers on roads
d. Help the handicapped in crossing the road
The correct answer is : Help the handicapped in crossing the road
40) The largest library in India?
a. The National Library, Kolkata
b. State Central Library, Hyderabad
c. JRD Tata Memorial Library
d. Delhi public library
The correct answer is : The National Library, Kolkata
41) Which of these numbers has only two factors, 1 and number itself?
a. 37-1
b. 37+1
c. 37X1
d. 37X37
The correct answer is : 37X1
42) The line segment obtained by joining the mid point of any side and its opposite vertex in a triangle is called
a. Altitude
b. Median
c. Diameter
d. Concurrent lines
The correct answer is : Median
43) The period between 6,000 B.C to 1,000 B.C is known as
a. Old stone age
b. Later stone age
c. New stone age
d. metal stone age
The correct answer is : New stone age
44) The time duration for collecting or obtaining information under the RTI 2005 is
a. 25 days
b. 30 days
c. 35 days
d. 40 days
The correct answer is : 30 days
45) First Commander - in - Chief of India
a. K M Cariappa
b. Vinoo Mankad
c. C Rajgopalachari
d. B C Joshi
The correct answer is : K M Cariappa
46) complete the series with the missing number in 23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53, __, 61.
a. 54
b. 55
c. 57
d. 59
The correct answer is : 59
47) Number of vertices found in a cuboids are
a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 12
The correct answer is : 8
48) The book written by Amir Khusro
a. Firoze shahi
b. Kitab-ul-Hind
c. Tughlak-nama
d. So-yu-ki
The correct answer is : Tughlak-nama
49) Establishment of National Human Rights Commission in India in the year
a. 1948
b. 1946
c. 1993
d. 1938
The correct answer is : 1993
50) The Kisan Divas is celebrated on
a. December 7
b. December 23
c. January 12
d. January 26
The correct answer is : December 23