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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, February-2012

1) Choose the correct meaning of the Word "tranquility"
a. height
b. simplicity
c. nobility
d. peace
The correct answer is : peace
2) The nth term of the series 1.3 + 3.5 + 5.7 + …. Is
a. n(n+2)
b. n(n+5)
c. (2n-1) (2n+1)
d. 2n(2n-1)
The correct answer is : (2n-1) (2n+1)
3) Discount is always calculated on
a. Cost price
b. Market price
c. Wholesale price
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Market price
4) Current flows from
a. Lower potential to higher potential
b. Higher potential to lower potential
c. Positive electrode to negative electrode
d. Both B and C are correct
The correct answer is : Both B and C are correct
5) Branch of biology dealing with identification and classification of animals and plants is called
a. Botany
b. Astrobiology
c. Anatomy
d. Taxonomy
The correct answer is : Taxonomy
6) Notice the meaning of the underlined word in " His grandchildren were solace in his old age"
a. comfort
b. companion
c. help
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : comfort
7) If x > 0, y < 0, then the point(x,y) lies in the quadrant
a. Q1
b. Q2
c. Q3
d. Q4
The correct answer is : Q4
8) Which of the following is not a search engine?
a. Yahoo
b. Google
c. Altavista
d. Remedia
The correct answer is : Remedia
9) Which of the following waves cannot travel through vacuum?
a. Sound
b. light
c. Electromagnetic
d. Radio
The correct answer is : Sound
10) Cerebro spinal fluid protects
a. Heart
b. Brain
c. Liver
d. Kidney
The correct answer is : Brain
11) Fill in the blank with suitable word in "He visits his parents very ________________________ , at least twice a week".
a. usually
b. normally
c. frequently
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : frequently
12) The inverse of a function will be a function again only if it is
a. Bijection
b. injection
c. surjection
d. inverse
The correct answer is : Bijection
13) "V" shaped molecule is
a. PCl3
b. H2O
c. PCl5
d. NH3
The correct answer is : H2O
14) A person runs a very long distance before he takes a long jump because
a. He wants to increase his kinetic energy
b. He wants to train his muscles
c. He wants to get inertia of motion
d. He wants to show his power of running
The correct answer is : He wants to get inertia of motion
15) The decade 1990 - 2000 is known as
a. Brain decade
b. peace decade
c. film decade
d. sports decade
The correct answer is : Brain decade
16) Find the word that rhymes with word "food"
a. stood
b. hood
c. good
d. mood
The correct answer is : mood
17) 6-3 X 63
a. 0
b. 36-9
c. 6-3/3
d. 1
The correct answer is : 1
18) -COOR functional group is called as
a. Acid group
b. Amine group
c. Ester group
d. Ketone group
The correct answer is : Ester group
19) An object which comes from outer space, burns and falls on earth producing crator is
a. Meteor
b. Comet
c. Meterorite
d. Asteroid
The correct answer is : Meterorite
20) "We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far." said by
a. Rabindranath Tagore
b. Jawaharlal Nehru
c. Swamy Vivekananda
d. Mahatma Gandhi
The correct answer is : Swamy Vivekananda
21) Find the wrongly -spelt word in the following.
a. adament
b. dependent
c. peasant
d. elephant
The correct answer is : adament
22) 3x+3 = 9x+1, the value of x =
a. 3
b. 1
c. 0
d. 6
The correct answer is : 1
23) In a p-type semiconductor, majority carriers are
a. Electrons
b. Holes
c. Electrons and holes
d. Ions
The correct answer is : Holes
24) Pearl is made of
a. Sodium carbonate
b. Calcium carbonate
c. Magnicium carbonate
d. calcium silicate
The correct answer is : Calcium carbonate
25) "An idealist View of Life" is written by
a. Indira Gandhi
b. Dr. S. Radhakrishanan
c. Bankim chandra chattarjee
d. Ramakrishna paramahansa
The correct answer is : Dr. S. Radhakrishanan
26) Find the correct set of punctuation marks in " The climax was really great can you guess the ending "
a. ( . ? )
b. ( ! ? )
c. ( ? , )
d. ( , . ) )
The correct answer is : ( . ? )
27) (a+b+c) (a2 + b2 + c2 - ab - bc - ca ) =
a. (a + b + c )3
b. a3 + b3 + c3
c. a3 + b3 + c3- 3abc
d. a2+ b2 + c2- 3abc
The correct answer is : a3 + b3 + c3- 3abc
28) Chemical formula of Pentene is
a. C5H10
b. C6H10
c. C5H12
d. C6H14
The correct answer is : C5H10
29) Fish ponds should be constructed during
a. Summer
b. Water
c. during rains
d. after rains
The correct answer is : Summer
30) Who among the following made 15000 runs in test criket?
a. GouthamGambhir
b. v v s Laxman
c. Sachin Tendulkar
d. M S Dhoni
The correct answer is : Sachin Tendulkar
31) Notice the meaning of the underlined word in "The scientist elucidated her new theory."
a. explained
b. modified
c. abandoned
d. rectified
The correct answer is : explained
32) 7th root of 128 is
a. 7
b. 4
c. 0
d. 2
The correct answer is : 2
33) A device which converts Mechanical energy into Electrical energy is
a. computer
b. mixer
c. dynamo
d. cell phone
The correct answer is : dynamo
34) Sprinkler system of irrigation is more useful
a. cooling the crop
b. controlled water supply
c. sandy soils
d. all the above
The correct answer is : sandy soils
35) Indian national game
a. Cricket
b. Tennis
c. Hockey
d. Base ball
The correct answer is : Hockey
36) What is the opposite word for "falsehood"?
a. prestige
b. truth
c. notable
d. highly
The correct answer is : truth
37) Product of two numbers is 6912 and their G.C.D is 24, find their L.C.M.
a. 288
b. 256
c. 264
d. 232
The correct answer is : 288
38) A body is projected vertically upwards with a initial velocity of 40 m/s. The maximum height reached by the body is
a. 60 m
b. 80 m
c. 100 m
d. 120 m
The correct answer is : 80 m
39) Lacrimal glands secrete
a. tears
b. sweat
c. saliva
d. acid
The correct answer is : tears
40) Egg/Poultry production in India is a
a. Red revolution
b. Green revolution
c. Blue revolution
d. Silver revolution
The correct answer is : Silver revolution
41) Which of the following is a noun followed by preposition?
a. Testimony about
b. Proof around
c. Engagement with
d. Regret letter
The correct answer is : Engagement with
42) Each of the exterior angle of regular Hexagon is
a. 30o
b. 60o
c. 90o
d. 45o
The correct answer is : 60o
43) Among 3p,4s,3d and 4p the orbital having least energy is
a. 3p
b. 4s
c. 3d
d. 4p
The correct answer is : 3p
44) The most common technique used for improving crops is
a. watering
b. deweeding
c. hybridization
d. ploughing
The correct answer is : hybridization
45) National Institute of Ocean Technology is situated at
a. Hyderabad
b. Chennai
c. Goa
d. Delhi
The correct answer is : Chennai
46) Which of the following is related to Mathematics discipline?
a. elevation
b. eclipse
c. evolution
d. envoy
The correct answer is : elevation
47) Circumference of a circle is
a. 2∏r
b. 2∏r2
c. ∏r2
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : 2∏r
48) Which of the following substance is called universal solvent?
a. Oil
b. Water
c. Mercury
d. none of the above
The correct answer is : Water
49) Pathology is the study of a
a. disease
b. structure
c. function
d. reproduction
The correct answer is : disease
50) Loksabha members in parliament are
a. 526
b. 245
c. 545
d. 790
The correct answer is : 545