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Questions & Answers for Class 3-5, July-2013

1) What is the triple amount of ₹ 275?
a. ₹725
b. ₹775
c. ₹825
d. ₹875
The correct answer is : ₹825
2) A traingle having angles of 95 degrees, 60 degrees and 25 degrees is called as
a. Obtuse angled triangle
b. Right angled triangle
c. Acute angled triangle
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Obtuse angled triangle
3) Usually how many types of snakes are poisonous?
a. 4
b. 22
c. 36
d. 59
The correct answer is : 4
4) Which of the following is not a cause of air pollution?
a. Chemical pesticides
b. Fertilizer dust
c. Use of coal and fossil fuel
d. Plantation
The correct answer is : Plantation
5) When was Limca Book of world records first published?
a. 1986
b. 1990
c. 1996
d. 2000
The correct answer is : 1990
6) "IQ" stands for
a. Improved Quota
b. Indian Queen
c. Inter questions
d. Intelligence quotient
The correct answer is : Intelligence quotient
7) The kidneys in the human body works like a
a. Pump
b. Filter
c. Valve
d. Lid
The correct answer is : Filter
8) Which of the following is a good manner?
a. Be Kind to others
b. Saying 'Thank you' after something is offered
c. Be on time. This indicates accountability and responsibility
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
9) Find the strongest among the following?
a. Plastic pipe
b. Steel pipe
c. Wooden pipe
d. Glass pipe
The correct answer is : Steel pipe
10) The word 'truck' is related to
a. Flying
b. Transport
c. Sea Journey
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : Transport
11) How many players or there in Junior basket ball team?
a. 8
b. 12
c. 20
d. 6
The correct answer is : 12
12) What is necessary for proper functioning of body?
a. Money
b. Vitamins
c. Note books
d. Colour
The correct answer is : Vitamins
13) Which of the following is not a external storage device?
a. Pen drive
b. CD
c. DVD
d. HDD
The correct answer is : HDD
14) Sum of 505, 808, 303, and 185 =
a. 1821
b. 1801
c. 1791
d. 1781
The correct answer is : 1801
15) Rearrange the word "trueopmc" to form meaning full word
a. truepocm
b. compurte
c. computer
d. truecomp
The correct answer is : computer
16) Which of the following in not related to India?
a. Betwa
b. Phawngpui
c. Frankfurt
d. Salarjung musium
The correct answer is : Frankfurt
17) Find the next number in the series of 7, 15, 24, 34, _____.
a. 44
b. 45
c. 46
d. 47
The correct answer is : 45
18) Who is the best?
a. Strong person with bad manners
b. Intelligent with selfishness and arrogance
c. Kind hearted and helping others
d. Rich person with anti social activities
The correct answer is : Kind hearted and helping others
19) Ants belongs to the type of
a. Birds
b. Amphibians
c. Bugs
d. Mammals
The correct answer is : Bugs
20) Laxmi has 8 pockets of 14 colour sketch pens. She gave 21 pens to Saritha. How many pens does she have now?
a. 89
b. 91
c. 95
d. 101
The correct answer is : 91
21) What is the product 999 and 998?
a. 997002
b. 998002
c. 999002
d. 99902
The correct answer is : 997002
22) Subtract 5432 from 5534
a. 98
b. 102
c. 108
d. 112
The correct answer is : 102
23) 'Kathak' is a dance associated with which state of India?
a. Tamilnadu
b. Manipur
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Odisha
The correct answer is : Uttar Pradesh
24) Find the benefit of swimming?
a. Swimming works on strengthening of different muscles simultaniously
b. Swimming helps release built-up stress and relaxes mind
c. It will regulate the breathing and stimulates blood circulation
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
25) Which of the following is correct?
a. A calculator can accept words
b. A traditional type writter can store documents
c. A pendrive can't be moved away from the computer
d. CDs and DVDs are portable
The correct answer is : CDs and DVDs are portable
26) If two rupees is equal to 8 biscuits, then ten rupees is equal to
a. 80 biscuits
b. 60 biscuits
c. 40 biscuits
d. 20 biscuits
The correct answer is : 40 biscuits
27) Which of the following city is called as "Bangle city"?
a. Surat
b. Banglore
c. Udaipur
d. Hyderabad
The correct answer is : Hyderabad
28) Under which section of RTE 2009 provides 25 percent reservation for economically disadvantaged communities in admission to Class one in all private schools
a. Section 12
b. Section 21(1) & 21(2)
c. Section 19
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Section 12
29) What is the symbol for 'Helium'?
a. H
b. He
c. Ho
d. Hs
The correct answer is : He
30) Multiply 8,2 and -1
a. 11
b. -11
c. 16
d. -16
The correct answer is : -16
31) Who discovered "buoyancy"?
a. Newton
b. Archmedes
c. Einstein
d. Galilio
The correct answer is : Archmedes
32) If a triangle has all equal sides, then it will be called as
a. Scalene
b. Isosceles
c. Equilateral
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Equilateral
33) Which of the following number is divisible by 9?
a. 9918
b. 3663
c. 7128
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
34) Hari brought 12 dozens of banana. If each of the participant given with two bananas, How many participants get them?
a. 6
b. 68
c. 72
d. 78
The correct answer is : 72
35) How many digits are there in a mobile number?
a. 8
b. 9
c. 10
d. 12
The correct answer is : 10
36) Which of the following is smallest number?
a. 1.506
b. 1.516
c. 1.5006
d. 1.5013
The correct answer is : 1.5006
37) Find the 15 % of ₹50
a. ₹5
b. ₹7.5
c. ₹10
d. ₹12.5
The correct answer is : ₹7.5
38) The capital of Japan is
a. Abu Dhabhi
b. Tokyo
c. Bangkok
d. Khathmand
The correct answer is : Tokyo
39) Which of the following is the Eastern most point of India on landside?
a. Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh
b. West of Guhar Mota, Gujarat
c. Siachen Glaciar
d. Indira point, Great Nicobar, Andaman & Nicobar lslands
The correct answer is : Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh
40) Who is the author of book "You are born to blossom"?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Indira Gandhi
c. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
d. Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam
The correct answer is : Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam
41) Product of 85 X 101=?
a. 805
b. 580
c. 850
d. 8510
The correct answer is : 850
42) What is the benefit of regular yoga practice?
a. Weight loss
b. Stress relief
c. Improved immunity
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
43) World laughter day is celebrated on
a. 1 st Sunday in May
b. 2 nd Sunday in May
c. 3 rd Sunday in May
d. 4 th Sunday in May
The correct answer is : 1 st Sunday in May
44) How many years completed for Indian Cinema?
a. 50
b. 75
c. 100
d. 125
The correct answer is : 100
45) Study of heart is called
a. Cariology
b. Cryology
c. Cardiology
d. Cytology
The correct answer is : Cardiology
46) Who designed the rupee symbol "₹" from IIT Mumbai?
a. D. Raj Kumar
b. D.Uday Kumar
c. T. Sravan Kumar
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : D.Uday Kumar
47) The Indian flag, by law it should be made of
a. Silk
b. Khadi
c. Jeans
d. Any cloth
The correct answer is : Khadi
48) Who is the shattler won women Yonex -Sunrise malaysia grand prix gold badminton tournament 2013?
a. Saina Nehwal
b. Juan Gu
c. P V Sindhu
d. Vita Marissa
The correct answer is : P V Sindhu
49) One who writes for News paper is called
a. Compositor
b. Journalist
c. Captain
d. Optician
The correct answer is : Journalist
50) Choose the opposite word for "blossom"
a. fade
b. shrink
c. wither
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above