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Questions & Answers for Class 6-8, July-2013

1) Who said the quoted words "If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem."
a. Rabindranath Tagore
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. Jiddu Krishnamurthi
d. Sri Arabindo
The correct answer is : Jiddu Krishnamurthi
2) " Knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do." Identify the part of speech of bold and underlined word.
a. Adjective
b. Pronoun
c. Preposition
d. adverb
The correct answer is : Adjective
3) Which colour indicates the presence of Proteins?
a. Red
b. Blue
c. Yellow
d. Violet
The correct answer is : Violet
4) 28 divided by 1/4 =
a. 7
b. 112
c. 28.4
d. 2814
The correct answer is : 112
5) The substances do not mix with water and do not disappear even after we stir for a long time is called
a. Soluble
b. Insoluble
c. Mixtures
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Insoluble
6) The term "En Passant " is related to which game?
a. Boxing
b. Chess
c. Foot ball
d. Cricket
The correct answer is : Chess
7) Which state in India has only one parliament seat?
a. Sikkim
b. Nagaland
c. Mizoram
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
8) Which of the following is the longest running train in India?
a. Bhubaneshwar Duronto
b. Chennai Rajadhani
c. Vivek Express
d. Secunderabad Duronto
The correct answer is : Vivek Express
9) Which is the largest national park in India in terms of area?
a. Nanda devi National park, Uttarakhand
b. Namdhapha Natiional park, Arunachal Pradesh
c. Neora vally National park, West Bengal
d. Nokrek National park, Meghalaya
The correct answer is : Namdhapha Natiional park, Arunachal Pradesh
10) The Indian islands in the Arabian Sea are known as
a. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
b. Lakshadweep Islands
c. Maldives
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Lakshadweep Islands
11) The Year observed by United Nations as the International year of "Water cooperation" is
a. 2010
b. 2011
c. 2012
d. 2013
The correct answer is : 2013
12) Central Institute of Educational Technology is located at
a. Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad
b. Lacknow
c. New Delhi
d. Dehradhun
The correct answer is : New Delhi
13) What happens to human beings, if carbohydrates and protein less diet is taken for a long period of time?
a. Become very fat
b. Growth may stop completely
c. Become blind
d. Can play extraordinarily
The correct answer is : Growth may stop completely
14) The seeds of cotton are separated by combing. The process is called
a. Spinning
b. Yarn
c. Cottan ball
d. Ginning
The correct answer is : Ginning
15) The materials through which objects can be seen, but not clearly, are known as
a. Transparent
b. Shadow
c. Translucent
d. Opaque
The correct answer is : Translucent
16) One among the founders of Google is
a. Chris Hughes
b. Larry page
c. Leonard Kleinrock
d. Charles Ranlett Flint
The correct answer is : Larry page
17) How do you know that the egg is fresh using a glass of water?
a. If the egg float on fresh drinking cold water
b. If the egg stay at the bottom in fresh drinking cold water
c. If it's colour turns into red
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : If the egg stay at the bottom in fresh drinking cold water
18) Find the book won Gnanpeet Award written by Ravuri Bharadwaja.
a. Musuru
b. Pakudu Rallu
c. Jeevana Samaram
d. Kaadambari
The correct answer is : Pakudu Rallu
19) Which of the following is a function of Skeletal system?
a. The skeleton provides the framework for the body.
b. The skeleton protects organs in the body.
c. The bones are the levers that help the body move in different directions and in different ways.
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
20) If we do not treat people equally or with respect, it is called
a. Violation
b. harassment
c. Discrimination
d. illegal
The correct answer is : Discrimination
21) The sweet juice of flowers collected by bees is called
a. Sprouts
b. Nectar
c. spice
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Nectar
22) The carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are called
a. Sweets
b. Solids
c. Nutrients
d. Mixtures
The correct answer is : Nutrients
23) Select the statement that is correct?
a. By eating rice alone, we can't fulfill nutritional requirement of our body
b. Deficiency diseases can be prevented by eating a balanced diet.
c. Balanced diet for the body should contain a variety of food items
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
24) Find the past tense for "broadcast".
a. broadcosted
b. broadcosts
c. broadcast
d. broadcasting
The correct answer is : broadcast
25) The opposite word for attack is
a. defend
b. Charge
c. abuse
d. encounter
The correct answer is : defend
26) World's shortest man according to Guinness book of records (54.6 cm) is
a. Junrey Balawing
b. Istvan Toth
c. Chandra Bahadur Dangi
d. Khagendra Thapa Magar
The correct answer is : Chandra Bahadur Dangi
27) Which of the following is synonym for the word "minlgle"?
a. Separate
b. blend
c. stay alone
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : blend
28) What is that not related to sports?
a. Drop
b. Crease
c. Adoption
d. Under cutting
The correct answer is : Adoption
29) Find the equivalent centigrade degrees for 212 Fahrenheit degrees.
a. 70
b. 110
c. 90
d. 100
The correct answer is : 100
30) The market found at a particular place on a day of the week and most often sell everything that a household needs ranging from vegetables to clothes to utensils etc., is called
a. Mall
b. Chain of Markets
c. Weekly market
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Weekly market
31) Which of the following letter has many lines of symmetry?
a. G
b. J
c. O
d. Q
The correct answer is : O
32) Which of the following is a good habit?
a. Good book reading
b. Maintaining to do list and attending without fail
c. Respecting elders
d. All the above
The correct answer is : All the above
33) My friend purchased 2 dozen banana. Now he doesn't know _________ to store them. Fill in the blank with the following suitable word.
a. Where
b. When
c. What
d. Why
The correct answer is : Where
34) Find the different object from the following.
a. books
b. Chair
c. News paper
d. Drawing sheet
The correct answer is : Chair
35) Convert 19.45 hours into 12 hours time.
a. 9.45 pm
b. 7.45 pm
c. 8.45 pm
d. 6.45 pm
The correct answer is : 7.45 pm
36) Which of the following is not correct with regard to Carbon?
a. Carbon is an element with the chemical symbol C and atomic number 6.
b. Carbon's three most well known allotropes are amorphous carbon (coal, soot etc), diamond and gra
c. Plastics are made from carbon polymers
d. It is a relatively very reactive element
The correct answer is : It is a relatively very reactive element
37) The 2013 U.S. Chess Championship in May held at
a. New york
b. Washington DC
c. Saint Louis
d. Canada
The correct answer is : Saint Louis
38) One cubic foot is equal to how many liters?
a. 18.5 liters
b. 28.3 liters
c. 38.7 liters
d. 21.6 liters
The correct answer is : 28.3 liters
39) No.of children dressed as Mahatma Gandhi in a largest gathering are (It is also a guinness world record)
a. 225
b. 485
c. 795
d. 955
The correct answer is : 485
40) What is the name of printed circuit board in a computer that holds the CPU?
a. plastic board
b. Mother board
c. Glass board
d. Name board
The correct answer is : Mother board
41) A employee spends 20% on commodities, 25% on children education, 18% on parents health 28% as house loan and remaining as savings. If his salary is Rs.28900 , how much is the savings?
a. Rs.2411
b. Rs.2591
c. Rs.2601
d. Rs.2755
The correct answer is : Rs.2601
42) How much cash prize is given with NTR National Award?
a. Rs.2 Lakh
b. Rs. 3.5 Lakh
c. Rs. 5 Lakh
d. Rs. 7.5 Lakh
The correct answer is : Rs. 5 Lakh
43) Find the plural for "Syllabus".
a. Syllabuses
b. Syllabus
c. Syllabi
d. Syllabis
The correct answer is : Syllabi
44) The value which changes 8a+(4a-1)= 8 into a true statement is
a. 0.25
b. 0.5
c. 0.75
d. 1.25
The correct answer is : 0.75
45) Which mirror shows lateral inversion of light?
a. Plane mirror
b. Concave mirror
c. Glazed mirror
d. Convex mirror
The correct answer is : Plane mirror
46) Which of the following is true?
a. India is the largest democracy in the world
b. It is illegal to take Indian currency (rupees) out of India
c. Every major world religion is represented in India. Additionally, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and S
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
47) Which of the following is a green vegetable?
a. Peas
b. Cucumber
c. Spinach
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
48) Who is the present Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh?
a. I.Y.R.Krishna Rao, IAS.,
b. Dr. I. V. Subba Rao, IAS
c. Dr. Prasanna kumar Mohanthi, IAS
d. Dr. S. Chellappa, IAS.,
The correct answer is : Dr. Prasanna kumar Mohanthi, IAS
49) Mangrove forests can thrive in
a. Polluted water
b. Fresh water
c. Saline water
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Saline water
50) Which of the following has the more storage capacity?
a. Floppy
b. CD
c. DVD
d. 2 GB pen drive
The correct answer is : DVD