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Questions & Answers for Class 6-8, June 2017

1) Select the correct meaning for the given Idioms and Phrases - To catch a tartar.
a. To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty
b. To catch a dangerous person
c. To meet with disaster
d. To deal with a person who is more than one's match
The correct answer is : To catch a dangerous person
2) The temperate Grassland of North America are called?
a. Pampas
b. Ranches
c. Prairies
d. Chinook
The correct answer is : Prairies
3) Fathometer is used to measure
a. Earthquakes
b. Rainfall
c. Ocean depth
d. Sound intensity
The correct answer is : Ocean depth
4) Which of the following folk dance forms is associated with Gujarat?
a. Garba
b. Gidda
c. Nautanki
d. Bhangra
The correct answer is : Garba
5) Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is at:
a. Gangtok
b. Shimla
c. Dehradun
d. Darjeeling
The correct answer is : Darjeeling
6) Choose the word which is similar in meaning to the word - BRIEF.
a. Threaten
b. Describe
c. Short
d. Explain
The correct answer is : Short
7) If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body:
a. increases
b. decreases
c. remains unchanged
d. may decrease or increase
The correct answer is : decreases
8) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. Rajendra Prasad
b. Zakir Hussain
c. Narendra Modi
d. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
The correct answer is : Narendra Modi
9) After allowing discount of 20% a shopkeeper sold a laptop for Rs 32,000. Find the cost price of the laptop?
a. Rs 36,000
b. Rs 38,000
c. Rs 40,000
d. Rs 42,000
The correct answer is : Rs 40,000
10) In Basketball game how many players are there in each side?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7
The correct answer is : 5
11) Choose the word which is similar in meaning to the word - ARTIFICIAL.
a. Commissioned
b. Transparent
c. copy of Natural
d. Solid
The correct answer is : copy of Natural
12) Hundred year war was fought between:
a. France and England
b. France and Germany
c. Germany and England
d. Japan and USA
The correct answer is : France and England
13) A fruit seller had some mangoes. He sells 40% mangoes and still has 420 mangoes. Originally, he had:
a. 500 mangoes
b. 600 mangoes
c. 700 mangoes
d. 800 mangoes
The correct answer is : 700 mangoes
14) National Defence Academy (NDA) is situated at:
a. Dehradun
b. Chennai
c. Wellington
d. Khadakvasla
The correct answer is : Khadakvasla
15) Which state does not share its border with Tamil Nadu?
a. Kerala
b. Karnataka
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Telengana
The correct answer is : Telengana
16) Which word best expresses the meaning of the given sentence - List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting?
a. Timetable
b. Agenda
c. Schedule
d. Plan
The correct answer is : Agenda
17) In which year Indira Gandhi was assassinated?
a. 1974
b. 1984
c. 1994
d. 1977
The correct answer is : 1984
18) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. Eagle
b. Vulture
c. Ostrich
d. Parrot
The correct answer is : Ostrich
19) Which one of the following is not a prime number?
a. 59
b. 63
c. 47
d. 53
The correct answer is : 63
20) The sum of first five prime numbers is:
a. 28
b. 30
c. 35
d. 15
The correct answer is : 28
21) In which state Ajanta and Ellora Caves is situated?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Maharashtra
c. Uttarakhand
d. Tamil Nadu
The correct answer is : Maharashtra
22) Which word is correctly spelt?
a. Performence
b. Supervison
c. Treatmeant
d. Efficient
The correct answer is : Efficient
23) Lal Bahadur Shastri is also known as:
a. Punjab Kesari
b. Netaji
c. Man of Peace
d. Sardar
The correct answer is : Man of Peace
24) In which season do we need more fat?
a. Winter
b. Spring
c. Summer
d. Rainy season
The correct answer is : Winter
25) Commonwealth Games are held at after every:
a. 3 year
b. 4 year
c. 5 year
d. 6 year
The correct answer is : 4 year
26) First woman IPS (Indian Police Service) officer of India is?
a. Arti Saha
b. Anna George Malhotra
c. Kiran Bedi
d. Leila Seth
The correct answer is : Kiran Bedi
27) Find the missing number in the series - 5, 15, 30, 50, ?
a. 80
b. 65
c. 70
d. 75
The correct answer is : 75
28) Agra is situated on the bank of river?
a. Ganga
b. Yamuna
c. Godavari
d. Krishna
The correct answer is : Yamuna
29) Hygrometer is used to measure:
a. Atmospheric pressure
b. Current
c. Voltage
d. Relative humidity
The correct answer is : Relative humidity
30) In cricket, a run taken when the ball passes the batsman without touching his bat or body is called:
a. No ball
b. Overthrow
c. Bye
d. Leg bye
The correct answer is : Bye
31) Find the wrongly correctly spelt word.
a. Consultancy
b. Enginering
c. Preparation
d. Additional
The correct answer is : Enginering
32) The book Anandmath was written by?
a. Rabindranath Tagore
b. Bankim Chandra Chottapadhya
c. Sarojini Naidu
d. Mohammad Iqbal
The correct answer is : Bankim Chandra Chottapadhya
33) Malfunctioning of which organ causes Jaundice?
a. Liver
b. Kidney
c. Lungs
d. Heart
The correct answer is : Liver
34) Watt is the unit of:
a. Temperature
b. Force
c. Energy
d. Power
The correct answer is : Power
35) The largest 4 digit number exactly divisible by 88 is:
a. 9955
b. 9977
c. 9944
d. 9922
The correct answer is : 9944
36) Fin the odd from the given choices.
a. Elephant
b. Lion
c. Giraffe
d. Deer
The correct answer is : Lion
37) Logarithm tables were invented by:
a. John Napier
b. Nikola Tesla
c. John Logie Baird
d. George Eastman
The correct answer is : John Napier
38) Write 2/4 as a decimal number.
a. 0.40
b. 0.20
c. 0.50
d. 0.25
The correct answer is : 0.50
39) If A is coded as Z, B is coded as Y, C is coded as X then RUN will be coded as?
a. IFM
b. IGM
c. HFM
d. HEM
The correct answer is : IFM
40) Area of a square field is 100 square cm. Find the perimeter of the field?
a. 80cm
b. 60cm
c. 50cm
d. 40cm
The correct answer is : 40cm
41) Find the ratio of: Rs 5 to 50 paise
a. 1 : 1
b. 5 : 1
c. 10 : 1
d. 10 : 2
The correct answer is : 10 : 1
42) Why should we cook food?
a. It kill harmful germs
b. It is easily digested
c. It improves taste of food
d. All of these
The correct answer is : All of these
43) The hollow space in the bone is called?
a. Cavity
b. Marrow
c. Joint
d. Backbone
The correct answer is : Cavity
44) Among 20/10, 5/15, 10/20, 4/16 which is smallest?
a. 20/10
b. 5/15
c. 10/20
d. 4/16
The correct answer is : 4/16
45) From which country did Ibn Battuta travel to India?
a. Egypt
b. England
c. Persia (Iran)
d. Morocco
The correct answer is : Morocco
46) Among Sun, Moon, Star and Burning Candle, which is not a luminous body?
a. Sun
b. Moon
c. Star
d. Burning Candle
The correct answer is : Moon
47) In India, Governor of a state is appointed for a period of?
a. 2 year
b. 3 year
c. 4 year
d. 5 year
The correct answer is : 5 year
48) Which is not a plant products?
a. Grains
b. Vegetables
c. Wool
d. Cereals
The correct answer is : Wool
49) Herbivores:
a. eat other animals
b. eat plants and plant products
c. are vegetables
d. are all animal products
The correct answer is : eat plants and plant products
50) Height of William is 1.65m. Express it in mm.
a. 16.5mm
b. 165mm
c. 1650mm
d. 16500mm
The correct answer is : 1650mm