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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, June 2017

1) Shyam strats walking 50m towards North and turn right and walks 30m. He again turned right and walk 50m. How far he is from the starting point.
a. 50m
b. 30m
c. 40m
d. 60m
The correct answer is : 30m
2) What does Big Bang theory tells us?
a. Origin of solar system
b. Origin of sun
c. Origin of universe
d. Origin of earth
The correct answer is : Origin of universe
3) Convert 1000cm into decameter?
a. 1dm
b. 10dm
c. 100dm
d. 1000dm
The correct answer is : 1dm
4) Through which continent Amazon river flows?
a. North America
b. South America
c. Asia
d. Europe
The correct answer is : South America
5) That which is invisible and when put in a container assumes its shape and volume is called:
a. Solid
b. Liquid
c. Gas
d. None of these
The correct answer is : Gas
6) In the given series which number should come next - 2, 5, 10, 17, 26, ?
a. 36
b. 37
c. 38
d. 39
The correct answer is : 37
7) Give one word for the given sentence: A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others.
a. Democrat
b. Bureaucrat
c. Autocrat
d. Fanatic
The correct answer is : Autocrat
8) Which is the main constituent in Gobar Gas?
a. Ethane
b. Butane
c. Methane
d. Propane
The correct answer is : Methane
9) Find the wrongly spelt word:
a. Manufacturing
b. Personnel
c. Franchise
d. Mendatory
The correct answer is : Mendatory
10) Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to REFORM.
a. Improve
b. Intellectual
c. Prescribe
d. Worsen
The correct answer is : Improve
11) In a class there were 60 students. In a exam 40 students passed. Find the percentage of students who failed in the exam?
a. 30 percent
b. 35.33 percent
c. 45 percent
d. 33.33 percent
The correct answer is : 33.33 percent
12) Regular exercise is conducive ____ health.
a. in
b. to
c. for
d. of
The correct answer is : to
13) Which gland in the human body produces urea?
a. Lungs
b. Kidney
c. Liver
d. Intestine
The correct answer is : Liver
14) Who founded the Banaras Hindu University (BHU)?
a. Madan Mohan Malviya
b. Vallabhbhai Patel
c. Dadabhai Naoroji
d. Motilal Nehru
The correct answer is : Madan Mohan Malviya
15) What is the capital of Bhutan?
a. Kathmandu
b. Thimphu
c. Naypyidaw
d. Hanoi
The correct answer is : Thimphu
16) P T Usha is related to which sports?
a. Boxing
b. Athletics
c. Badminton
d. Hockey
The correct answer is : Athletics
17) What is necessary for digestion of food?
a. Urea
b. Amino acid
c. Formaldehyde
d. Enzyme
The correct answer is : Enzyme
18) Which state has the largest number of sugar mills?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Uttarakhand
c. Punjab
d. Madhya Pradesh
The correct answer is : Uttar Pradesh
19) Which sport is not a part of Olympic Games?
a. Hockey
b. Basketball
c. Cricket
d. Football
The correct answer is : Cricket
20) Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
a. Prime Minister of India
b. President of India
c. Chief Justice of Supreme Court
d. Lok Sabha
The correct answer is : President of India
21) Which city is known as Mecca of Indian Football?
a. Kochi
b. Panaji
c. Kolkata
d. Pune
The correct answer is : Kolkata
22) What is full form of EVM used for voting in elections held in India?
a. Election Voting Machine
b. Electronic Voting Machine
c. Electrical Voter Machine
d. Election Voter Machine
The correct answer is : Electronic Voting Machine
23) In which year Telengana was made India's 29th state?
a. 2013
b. 2014
c. 2015
d. 2016
The correct answer is : 2014
24) Which soil is most suitable for cotton cultivation?
a. Alluvial soil
b. Laterite soil
c. Red soil
d. Black soil
The correct answer is : Black soil
25) What is the difference between Indian Standard Time (IST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)?
a. 2 hours 30 minutes
b. 3 hours 30 minutes
c. 4 hours 30 minutes
d. 5 hours 30 minutes
The correct answer is : 5 hours 30 minutes
26) Who won the cricket world cup in the year 2011?
a. Australia
b. Pakistan
c. India
d. Sri Lanka
The correct answer is : India
27) Who is the director of movie Bahubali: The Conclusion?
a. Mani Ratnam
b. S Shankar
c. S S Rajamouli
d. Priyadarshan
The correct answer is : S S Rajamouli
28) In which year India and China fought war against each other?
a. 1961
b. 1962
c. 1965
d. 1972
The correct answer is : 1962
29) Which foreign country is closest to Andaman and Nicobar Island?
a. Myanmar
b. Sri Lanka
c. Bangladesh
d. Indonesia
The correct answer is : Myanmar
30) Dificiency of which vitamin causes bow legs and piegon chest in children?
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D
The correct answer is : Vitamin D
31) In a dictionary which of the given word will come last - Predictable, Present, Profound, President.
a. Predictable
b. Present
c. Pretext
d. President
The correct answer is : Pretext
32) The highest mountain peak in India is:
a. Mount Everest
b. Kanchenjunga
c. Mount K2
d. Nanda Devi
The correct answer is : Mount K2
33) In the given series which number should come next - 201, 199, 195, 193, 189, ?
a. 188
b. 187
c. 186
d. 185
The correct answer is : 187
34) Teesta forms a part of which major river system?
a. Brahmaputra
b. Ganga
c. Krishna
d. Godavari
The correct answer is : Brahmaputra
35) Choose the word which can be substituted for the given sentence - Study of Maps.
a. Calligraphy
b. Choreography
c. Cartography
d. Bibliography
The correct answer is : Cartography
36) Which city has the longest day in the month of June?
a. Delhi
b. Kolkata
c. Chennai
d. Bangalore
The correct answer is : Kolkata
37) Murrah is a breed of:
a. Pig
b. Sheep
c. Goat
d. Buffalo
The correct answer is : Buffalo
38) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word - ACCUSE.
a. Defend
b. Blame
c. Help
d. Innocent
The correct answer is : Blame
39) In which month are the Kharif crops sown?
a. April
b. September
c. November
d. June
The correct answer is : June
40) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. Sydney
b. Melbourne
c. Adelaide
d. New York City
The correct answer is : New York City
41) Which of the following is the oldest atomic power station in India?
a. Kalpakkam
b. Tarapur
c. Narora
d. Kota
The correct answer is : Tarapur
42) The last 3-digits of PIN code represents:
a. Zone
b. Sub-Zone
c. Sorting District
d. Mailing Route
The correct answer is : Sorting District
43) The Lakshadweep islands are situated in:
a. Indian Ocean
b. Bay of Bengal
c. Pacific Ocean
d. Arabian Sea
The correct answer is : Arabian Sea
44) Find the word which is correctly spelt:
a. Organisars
b. Anouncement
c. Prescribe
d. Reserching
The correct answer is : Prescribe
45) If the doors of a refrigerator are left open for a few hours, the room temperature will:
a. decrease
b. increase
c. remain the same
d. decrease only in the area in the vicinity of the refrigerator
The correct answer is : increase
46) Which team has never won an IPL (Indian Premier League) tournament?
a. Royal Challengers Bangalore
b. Sunrisers Hyderabad
c. Mumbai Indian
d. Kolkata Knight Riders
The correct answer is : Royal Challengers Bangalore
47) Which of the following is the correct meaning of the given idiom: Shiver my timbers
a. Exclamation of surprise or amusement
b. Shivering with cold
c. Shivering with fear
d. Cold wave in deserts
The correct answer is : Exclamation of surprise or amusement
48) Select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase - Shrug one's shoulders
a. To show indifference
b. Dancing to music
c. Rock dance
d. Feeling lethargic
The correct answer is : To show indifference
49) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word - RESOLVE
a. Allot
b. Association
c. Indecision
d. Support
The correct answer is : Indecision
50) The battalion operating from the mountain was able to ___________ three enemy divisions.
a. tie with
b. tie up
c. tie on
d. tie down
The correct answer is : tie down