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Questions & Answers for Class 3-5, June-2012

1) Cost of 11 mangos is Rs.55. Then what is the cost of half a dozen mangos?
a. Rs.25
b. Rs.30
c. Rs.35
d. Rs.40
The correct answer is : Rs.30
2) Which is the closest planet to the Sun?
a. Earth
b. Mercury
c. Venus
d. Mars
The correct answer is : Mercury
3) What is the heaviest item among the following of the same size?
a. water
b. Iron
c. wood
d. Plastic
The correct answer is : Iron
4) What is the name of the first satellite sent into space?
a. Aryabhatta
b. Rohini RS -1
c. Sputnik
d. Bhaskara - II
The correct answer is : Sputnik
5) What is the name of the force pulling all the things to the earth?
a. Inertia
b. Gravity
c. Centripetal force
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Gravity
6) What is the gas found in the exhaled breath?
a. Oxygen
b. Nitrogen
c. Carbon dioxide
d. Hydrogen
The correct answer is : Carbon dioxide
7) Find the next number in the series of 2,3,5,7,11,15,___.
a. 15
b. 16
c. 21
d. 18
The correct answer is : 21
8) The two holes of the nose of a human body are called
a. Taste buds
b. Nostrils
c. Ribs
d. Canals
The correct answer is : Nostrils
9) What is the product 3,9,and 12?
a. 391
b. 319
c. 324
d. 342
The correct answer is : 324
10) Nimbus, Cirrus, Cumulus and Stratus are related to
a. Earth
b. Space
c. Clouds
d. Oils
The correct answer is : Clouds
11) Coconut trees grow better in
a. Cold
b. Rainy
c. Warm
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Warm
12) Which of the following is a computer device?
a. Mobile phone
b. Mixer - Grinder
c. Electric Iron
d. Pen Drive
The correct answer is : Pen Drive
13) What is the symbol for 'Aluminum'
a. Am
b. Ar
c. Al
d. Au
The correct answer is : Al
14) Find the function that can be performed by the computer from the following?
a. Eating banana
b. Applaud on comic scene
c. Calculations & drawings
d. Sweating
The correct answer is : Calculations & drawings
15) Find the number divisible by 13.
a. 1326
b. 1336
c. 1346
d. 1356
The correct answer is : 1326
16) Where is the tallest statue situated?
a. United States
b. Paris
c. Hyderabad
d. Tamilnadu
The correct answer is : United States
17) Find the 21% of 4200?
a. 842
b. 862
c. 882
d. 822
The correct answer is : 882
18) Sounds made by goats is
a. croak
b. bleat
c. coo
d. growl
The correct answer is : bleat
19) How many sq.yards for 1 acre?
a. 4800 Sq. yards
b. 4840 Sq. yards
c. 4880 Sq. yards
d. 4808 Sq. yards
The correct answer is : 4840 Sq. yards
20) Non - smoking Day is observed on
a. March 21
b. October 21
c. May 31
d. December 1
The correct answer is : May 31
21) Study of garden cultivation is
a. Environmental science
b. Horticulture
c. Sericulture
d. Floriculture
The correct answer is : Horticulture
22) Find the symbol for British pound
a. €
b. ₦
c. £
d. $
The correct answer is : £
23) How many feathers are used to make a badminton shuttle?
a. 12
b. 16
c. 20
d. 24
The correct answer is : 16
24) Find the animal that lay eggs.
a. Cat
b. Dog
c. Lizard
d. Rat
The correct answer is : Lizard
25) Which of the following is the highest Indian military award ?
a. Ashok Chakra
b. Param Vir Chakra
c. Maha Vir Chakra
d. Kirti Chakra
The correct answer is : Param Vir Chakra
26) Which of the following is not correct statement?
a. Smoking is injurious to health
b. Some one is waiting for us, drive safely
c. Without license driving is an offence
d. A child working for wage
The correct answer is : A child working for wage
27) The word 'Double - fault' is related to which game?
a. Hockey
b. Cricket
c. Tennis
d. Kabadi
The correct answer is : Tennis
28) Find the vitamin which plays on essential part in the formation of red blood cells
a. Vitamin B
b. Vitamin C
c. Vitamin D
d. Vitamin E
The correct answer is : Vitamin E
29) Subtract 29 from the sum of 173, -57, and 58 =
a. 142
b. 145
c. 148
d. 152
The correct answer is : 145
30) Find the right word for fear of books from the following
a. Ecophobia
b. Bibliophobia
c. Geliophobia
d. Papyrophobia
The correct answer is : Bibliophobia
31) The fastest bird in the world is
a. Crow
b. Swift
c. Pigeon
d. parrot
The correct answer is : Swift
32) Find the brightest planet form the following
a. Mars
b. Venus
c. Earth
d. Pluto
The correct answer is : Venus
33) Subtract 2.97 from 15.27
a. 11.3
b. 13.3
c. 12.3
d. 14.3
The correct answer is : 12.3
34) How much is the prize money for winners in Kabadi world Cup 2011?
a. Rs. 10 Lakh
b. Rs. 50 Lakh
c. Rs. 1 Crore
d. Rs. 2 Crore
The correct answer is : Rs. 2 Crore
35) Mohan was 1.32 m tall in 2009. His height increased 29 cm in 3 years. What is his height in 2012?
a. 30.32 m
b. 1.511 m
c. 1.61 m
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : 1.61 m
36) Find the child rights according to UNICEF convention of the child rights.
a. Protection from harmful influences
b. Protection from abuse and exploitation
c. Participation fully in family, cultural and social life
d. All the above
The correct answer is : All the above
37) The 135o angle is called
a. Acute angle
b. Obtuse angle
c. Straight angle
d. reflex angle
The correct answer is : Obtuse angle
38) What colour does red and yellow make when both are mixed?
a. Green
b. Blue
c. Orange
d. black
The correct answer is : Orange
39) First Information Report is related to
a. Doctor
b. Engineer
c. Teacher
d. Police
The correct answer is : Police
40) The hand tool 'Files' is mostly used in
a. Leather work
b. Metal work
c. Stitching cloths
d. Pottery work
The correct answer is : Metal work
41) Find the correct pair from the following
a. heart at soul
b. at sixes to sevens
c. high and low
d. here to there
The correct answer is : high and low
42) Identify the wrong statement with regard to fundamental rights.
a. Right to Equality
b. Cultural and Educational rights
c. Encouraging domestic violence
d. Right to Constitutional remedies
The correct answer is : Encouraging domestic violence
43) Which of the following are the advantages of mass production?
a. It reduces the cost of production
b. It makes things cheaper for the consumer
c. It creates numbers of people
d. All the above
The correct answer is : All the above
44) Identify the factor that influences the temperature of a place and its climate.
a. Distance from the equator
b. Direction of the winds
c. Humidity
d. All the above
The correct answer is : All the above
45) What is the colour used in the maps to show high lands and mountains?
a. Pale blue
b. Deep brown
c. Green
d. Deep blue
The correct answer is : Deep brown
46) Identify the word you think is different in the group
a. Ocean
b. River
c. forest
d. Canal
The correct answer is : forest
47) Choose the opposite word for "Expensive"
a. Costly
b. Weight
c. Cheap
d. Low
The correct answer is : Cheap
48) Which of the seasons will you see a rainbow?
a. Summer
b. Monsoon
c. Winter
d. All the three seasons
The correct answer is : Monsoon
49) What happens, when a coin is dropped in a glass of water?
a. Float
b. Stops at the middle
c. sink
d. Jump out of water
The correct answer is : sink
50) The change of substance for solid state to the gaseous state is called
a. Sublimation
b. Evaporation
c. Separation
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Sublimation