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Questions & Answers for Class 6-8, June-2012

1) Find the opposite word for "Genuine"
a. Scatter
b. Spurious
c. Shame
d. Sorrow
The correct answer is : Spurious
2) The old name of Iran
a. Persia
b. Mesopotamia
c. India
d. Cyria
The correct answer is : Persia
3) Identify which one is not an excretory organ.
a. Kidneys
b. Liver
c. Skin
d. Lungs
The correct answer is : Liver
4) Area of a triangle is =
a. a x a
b. 2( a + b)
c. ½ x b x h
d. ∏r2
The correct answer is : ½ x b x h
5) The word "complement" related to
a. Physics
b. Chemistry
c. Mathematics
d. Biology
The correct answer is : Mathematics
6) Harappan people had trade relation with
a. America
b. Iraq
c. Saudi Arabia
d. Russia
The correct answer is : Iraq
7) Example for mammalia group
a. Peacock
b. Snake
c. Cow
d. Frog
The correct answer is : Cow
8) Who is known as "Missile man of India"?
a. Arun Netravali
b. Anil Kakodkar
c. APJ Abdul Kalam
d. Ashok Gadgil
The correct answer is : APJ Abdul Kalam
9) "Arogya Sree" is related to
a. Education
b. Public Health
c. Transport
d. Agriculture
The correct answer is : Public Health
10) Find the average of the three numbers 182, 249 and 802
a. 401
b. 411
c. 421
d. 431
The correct answer is : 411
11) Which of the following is not relevant with regard to Cerebellum?
a. Is called as small brain
b. Structural unit of nervous system
c. Is the seat of intelligence
d. Maintain its balance of the body
The correct answer is : Structural unit of nervous system
12) Why does the sun appear red in the evening?
a. Due to long distance
b. Due to dust particles in the environment
c. Due to longer wave length of red
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Due to longer wave length of red
13) Which of the following is not related to "Political science"?
a. Prepare a list of evil social practices
b. Prepare property statements of individual, school, families in tabular form
c. Prepare a list of social collective assets and their uses
d. Collect information about consumable commodities
The correct answer is : Collect information about consumable commodities
14) The important seaport at France is
a. Lisban
b. London
c. Marceles
d. Humburg
The correct answer is : Marceles
15) In a pressure cooker, while cooking
a. Volume is constant
b. Pressure increases
c. Boiling point rises
d. all are correct
The correct answer is : all are correct
16) The symbol for "Mercury" is
a. Md
b. Mg
c. Ho
d. Hg
The correct answer is : Hg
17) The average income of an individual in a country is called
a. National income
b. Poverty line
c. Percapita income
d. Consumption
The correct answer is : Percapita income
18) The world famous "Karara" marble stone is available at
a. Great Britain
b. Poland
c. Hungary
d. Italy
The correct answer is : Italy
19) A person sitting in a bus moving in a curved path bends or leans sidewards because
a. He has that habit
b. His seat is not good
c. He can not sit properly
d. He has inertia of direction
The correct answer is : He has inertia of direction
20) Find the LCM of 15, 40 and 75 is =
a. 660
b. 600
c. 560
d. 500
The correct answer is : 600
21) National integration day is on
a. September 8
b. October 10
c. October 8
d. December 10
The correct answer is : October 10
22) The primary occupation of the people in Europe
a. Agriculture
b. Fishing
c. Trade
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Agriculture
23) "Stories of Malgudi Day" written by
a. Mulk Raj Anand
b. R K Narayan
c. Kiran Desai
d. Anitha Desai
The correct answer is : R K Narayan
24) If 2x =3, y =1, 2z = 7, find 2x +3y - 2z =
a. -2
b. -1
c. 1
d. 2
The correct answer is : -1
25) Which of the following is related to farmer's product?
a. Iron ore
b. Cement
c. Oil seeds
d. Projects
The correct answer is : Oil seeds
26) The capital of Nepal is
a. Djakarta
b. Tokyo
c. Kathmandu
d. Colombo
The correct answer is : Kathmandu
27) Which pair is not correct?
a. hide and seek
b. part and parcel
c. law and order
d. All and above
The correct answer is : All and above
28) Find the GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) for 48 and 60.
a. 6
b. 12
c. 24
d. 36
The correct answer is : 12
29) Which of the following is not a Capital goods?
a. Machinery
b. Buildings
c. Equipment
d. Food
The correct answer is : Food
30) A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides only is known as a
a. island
b. peninsula
c. Isthmus
d. ridge
The correct answer is : peninsula
31) Identify which one is not correct?
a. a kennel of dogs
b. a flotive of boats
c. a council of advisers
d. a team of sailors
The correct answer is : a team of sailors
32) The value of -15 ÷ 3 + 6 X 3 - 4 + 1=
a. 8
b. 9
c. 10
d. 11
The correct answer is : 10
33) Which of the following is not the factor of production?
a. Land
b. Capital
c. Labour
d. Air
The correct answer is : Air
34) A group of commands used for processing is called
a. Input
b. output
c. programming
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : programming
35) The sentence whose truth value cannot be determined is called
a. Closed sentence
b. open sentence
c. wrong sentence
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : open sentence
36) Which of the following is not a human right?
a. Freedom from slavery
b. Protection of maternity and child
c. Equal pay for similar work
d. Not to work
The correct answer is : Not to work
37) Which of the following is not related with dental care?
a. Don't use pins, needles to remove food
b. Avoid water containing fluorine for drinking purpose
c. consume Citrus fruits regularly
d. Stay away from people suffering from conjunctivitis
The correct answer is : Stay away from people suffering from conjunctivitis
38) The union of two rays with a common end point is called
a. straight line
b. curved line
c. angle
d. triangle
The correct answer is : angle
39) Central information commissioner is appointed by
a. Prime Minister
b. President of India
c. Chief Justice of supreme court
d. Governor
The correct answer is : President of India
40) Plants, animals and micro organisms constitute
a. abiotic environment
b. biotic environment
c. cultural environment
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : biotic environment
41) The longest chord is called
a. Radius
b. Diameter
c. semi circle
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Diameter
42) The under ground ways in the big cities are known as
a. Fly overs
b. Escalators
c. Subways
d. Lifts
The correct answer is : Subways
43) Source of electricity, electric appliance and switch connected with conductor together is called
a. wire
b. light
c. circuit
d. charge
The correct answer is : circuit
44) The angle 360o is called a
a. Straight angle
b. Complete angle
c. Complementary angle
d. Zero angle
The correct answer is : Complete angle
45) Identify which one is not public property
a. Water projects
b. Historical places
c. Ambassador car
d. Panchayat Building
The correct answer is : Ambassador car
46) Mrs. Jaya deposited Rs.2800 in a bank for 2 years. How much interest she will get at the rate of 8.5%?
a. Rs. 446
b. Rs. 456
c. Rs. 466
d. Rs. 476
The correct answer is : Rs. 476
47) The obtained in the original form is called
a. Grouped data
b. Information
c. Ungrouped data
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Ungrouped data
48) "Angocorvat" a world famous temple of lord Vishnu is situated in
a. Sri Lanka
b. Cambodia
c. China
d. Singapore
The correct answer is : Cambodia
49) The metal in liquid state is
a. Sodium
b. Iron
c. Mercury
d. Silver
The correct answer is : Mercury
50) Which of the following number is divisible by 13?
a. 28552
b. 28652
c. 27552
d. 28662
The correct answer is : 28652