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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, March-2014

1) What is subscript?
a. larger text and below the base line
b. larger text and above the base line
c. Smaller text and below the base line
d. Smaller text and above the base line
The correct answer is : Smaller text and below the base line
2) Who is honoured by BCCI at its seventh annual award ceremony with CK Naidu life time achievement award on 11th January 2014?
a. M S Dhoni
b. Kapil Dev
c. Sachin Tendulkar
d. Rahul Dravid
The correct answer is : Kapil Dev
3) Which schedule deals with the Anti-defection law of constitution of India?
a. Fourth
b. Sixth
c. Eighth
d. Tenth
The correct answer is : Eighth
4) Microscopic policemen of the body are
a. White blood cells
b. Red blood cells
c. Neutrophils
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : Neutrophils
5) The tropical chernozems in India are called as
a. Black cotton soils
b. Red soils
c. Desert soils
d. Alluvial soils
The correct answer is : Black cotton soils
6) The term "Angle of contact" is related to
a. Chemistry
b. Mathematics
c. Physics
d. Zoology
The correct answer is : Physics
7) A person who spends an excessive amount of time on the internet is called
a. software programmer
b. Internet lover
c. Tech citizen
d. Netizen
The correct answer is : Netizen
8) List price - discount =
a. Cost price
b. Sale price
c. Profit
d. Loss
The correct answer is : Sale price
9) Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports ( NSNIS ) is located at
a. Shillong
b. Agartala
c. Dehradhun
d. Patiala
The correct answer is : Patiala
10) "The flowering of love is meditation". Find the correct meaning of the bold and underlined word.
a. reduction
b. Lessening
c. a developmental process
d. stagnation
The correct answer is : a developmental process
11) Identify the part of speech of bold and underlined word in "For realM happiness, make others happy."
a. Preposition
b. Adverb
c. Adjective
d. Pronoun
The correct answer is : Adjective
12) A firewall is a
a. Brick wall to protect from fire
b. Software programme to protect from unauthorized access over internet
c. Game in exhibition
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : Software programme to protect from unauthorized access over internet
13) When a β-particle is emitted by an atom, its mass number
a. Decreases
b. Increases
c. Remains same
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Remains same
14) The book "The Buddha and his Dhamma" was written by
a. Bhabananda Deka
b. Barun Roy
c. B.R.Ambedkar
d. Bal Govind Dwivedi
The correct answer is : B.R.Ambedkar
15) Telescopes and other scientific equipment to research space and astronomy are used at
a. a laboratory
b. forensic lab
c. an observatory
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : an observatory
16) " __________ is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable ." Fill in the blank with the word opposite in meaning to the bold and underlined.
a. Top position
b. First prize
c. Success
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : Success
17) The unit of self-induction is
a. Volt
b. Watt
c. Joule
d. Henry
The correct answer is : Henry
18) Aluminium is produced from
a. Magnetite
b. Bauxite
c. argentite
d. hematite
The correct answer is : Bauxite
19) "In prosperity our friends __________ us; in adversity we __________ our friends". Fill in the blanks with right word.
a. like
b. dislike
c. know
d. criticise
The correct answer is : know
20) To achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedom for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion is the purpose of
c. UN
The correct answer is : UN
21) The study of navigation through air or space is called
a. aerology
b. aeronautics
c. aerostatics
d. aerolithology
The correct answer is : aeronautics
22) Conversion of glucose to pyruvic acid yields net gain of
a. 2 molecules of ATP
b. 36 molecules of ATP
c. 4 molecules of ATP
d. 38 molecules of ATP
The correct answer is : 2 molecules of ATP
23) The national policy for children was published in
a. 1974
b. 1976
c. 1983
d. 1984
The correct answer is : 1974
24) The term "beamer" is associated with
a. Hockey
b. Tennis
c. Cricket
d. Kho-Kho
The correct answer is : Cricket
25) Which of the following is not related to web development?
a. Java
c. PHP
The correct answer is : MS PPT
26) The percent of land required to maintain ecological balance
a. 23.3
b. 33.3
c. 35.3
d. 19.3
The correct answer is : 33.3
27) First mobile telephone service started on non-commercial basis on 15th August 1995 in
a. Kolkata
b. Mumbai
c. Delhi
d. Chennai
The correct answer is : Delhi
28) Which of the following is not a principle of right of persons with disabilities?
a. Respect for the evolving capacities of children with disabilities and respect for the right of child
b. Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and hu
c. discrimination in equality between women and man, non accessibility and restricted opportunities
d. Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one’s own choices,
The correct answer is : discrimination in equality between women and man, non accessibility and restricted opportunities
29) Find 1 + 3 + 5 + . . . + (2n - 1) =
a. n(n+1)
b. n(n-1)
c. n2
d. 2n
The correct answer is : n2
30) Great ancient master of Indian Medical Science was
a. Varaha Mihira
b. Charaka
c. Aryabhatta
d. Veda vyasa
The correct answer is : Charaka
31) Web pages are written in
a. URL
d. FTP
The correct answer is : HTML
32) In which game the ball is round with a circumference of 75-78 cm, and weighs 600-650 grams?
a. Volleyball
b. Football
c. Basketball
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : Basketball
33) Which of the following gives instant energy to body?
a. Beans, Peas and Peanuts
b. Almonds, Walnut and Cashews
c. Bananas and Eggs
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
34) The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted is called
a. work culture
b. implementation
c. hard work
d. success
The correct answer is : success
35) What does the term MIME stands for?
a. Mail in Modem Extension
b. Multi Indian Mall Extension
c. Multimedia In Madras Exhibition
d. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
The correct answer is : Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
36) Cellulose is
a. Mineral
b. Protein
c. Fat
d. Carbohydrate
The correct answer is : Carbohydrate
37) What is used in calculating arithmetic mean?
a. Less than cumulative frequency
b. Greater than cumulative frequency
c. Mid value
d. Upper class limit
The correct answer is : Mid value
38) The number of circles drawn through three non-collinear points
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
The correct answer is : 1
39) How many blocks of number are there in IP address?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
The correct answer is : 4
40) If ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral with ∠C = 120o, then ∠A =
a. 40o
b. 50o
c. 60o
d. 70o
The correct answer is : 60o
41) Formula (4/3)*π*r3 is for calculating
a. Volume of a cube
b. Volume of a box
c. Volume of a sphere
d. Volume of a cylinder
The correct answer is : Volume of a sphere
42) A distorted image of letters and numbers used to ensure that a response is not generated by computer, in order to prevent spamming is called as
a. Logo
b. Captcha
c. Drawing
d. Background
The correct answer is : Captcha
43) The first Indian honoured with Raman Megsaysay award?
a. Ravindra Nath Tagore
b. Acharya Vinobha Bhave
c. Lal Bahadur Shasttry
d. Shivaji Ganeshan
The correct answer is : Acharya Vinobha Bhave
44) World peace and understanding day is on
a. 20-Feb
b. 21-Feb
c. 22-Feb
d. 23-Feb
The correct answer is : 23-Feb
45) No.of edges in a Octahedron are
a. 8
b. 10
c. 12
d. 16
The correct answer is : 12
46) The Indira Gandhi Gold Cup award is associated with
a. Women's Cricket
b. Women's Hockey
c. Women's Football
d. Women's Volleyball
The correct answer is : Women's Football
47) Find the difference of 12 min. 17 sec. and 5 min. 37 sec. ?
a. 5 min. 27 sec.
b. 6 min. 40 sec.
c. 6 min. 27 sec
d. 5 min. 40 sec
The correct answer is : 6 min. 40 sec.
48) The salt satyagraha held at a place in Gujarat was
a. Ahmadnagar
b. Surat
c. Dandi
d. Rajkot
The correct answer is : Dandi
49) Shaving soap contains excess of
a. Bilberry
b. Perfume
c. Glycerol
d. Stearic acid
The correct answer is : Stearic acid
50) Which of the following is not a social network site?
a. Face book
b. LinkedIn
c. vikaspedia
d. Google plus
The correct answer is : Google plus