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Questions & Answers for Class 9-10, May-2013

1) Toll free no. of Relief Commissioners of Central/State/Union territory
a. 1070
b. 1077
c. 1090
d. 1091
The correct answer is : 1070
2) In the series -0.5, -1.0, -1.5, ….. Find the 10th term
a. -4
b. -4.5
c. -5
d. -5.5
The correct answer is : -5
3) 96 square is equal to
a. 9016
b. 9116
c. 9216
d. 9316
The correct answer is : 9216
4) On which principle a satellite launch vehicle works?
a. Newton's first law of Motion
b. Newton's second law of Motion
c. Newton's third law of Motion
d. Newton's law of universal gravitation
The correct answer is : Newton's third law of Motion
5) What is the base standard international unit of an amount of substance?
a. Kilogram
b. candela
c. ampere
d. mole
The correct answer is : mole
6) "Novocain" is a
a. anesthetic
b. analgesic
c. antipyretic
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : anesthetic
7) Which of the following is an alternative resource of energy?
a. Petrol
b. Diesel
c. Natural gas
d. Biomass
The correct answer is : Biomass
8) If water is heated from 0 degrees to 4 degrees Centigrade, its volume
a. increases
b. three time more
c. Double the volume
d. Decreases
The correct answer is : Decreases
9) Having computer, modem and browser, what is the fourth element required to establish an internet connection?
a. Java
b. ISP
c. Mozilla
d. google
The correct answer is : ISP
10) Who is the popular singer rejects Padma Bhushan award 2013?
a. Dr. D. Ramanaidu
b. Mrs. Sharmila Tagore
c. S Janaki
d. Late Rajesh Khanna
The correct answer is : S Janaki
11) Which is not an objective of National policy for the Empowerment of Women (2001)?
a. Strengthening legal systems aimed at elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
b. Mainstreaming a gender perspective in the development process.
c. Elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence against women and the girl child
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : None of the above
12) Which of the following is an example of startle reaction?
a. start running
b. Not responding
c. awoke with a start
d. Stop working and listen
The correct answer is : awoke with a start
13) How many measurements can determine quadrilateral uniquely?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
The correct answer is : 5
14) Which of the following statement is correct with regard to Globalization ?
a. Globalization is only meant for the financial matters.
b. The western private companies are benefited with globalization.
c. Information and communication technologies are helpful in Globalization.
d. All of the above
The correct answer is : All of the above
15) The weight of the human brain in the total weight of the body is about
a. 2 percent
b. 3 percent
c. 4 percent
d. 5 percent
The correct answer is : 2 percent
16) When three cells of voltages 1V, 1.5 V and 5 V are connected in serial, the total e.m.f is
a. 1 V
b. 1.5 V
c. 5 V
d. 7.5 V
The correct answer is : 7.5 V
17) Identify the part of speech of bold and underlined word in "The earth is enjoyed by heroes"—this is the unfailing truth. Be a hero. Always say, "I have no fear."
a. Adjective
b. Noun
c. Adverb
d. Verb
The correct answer is : Adjective
18) Who is the ICC ODI No 1 rank women cricketer with 767 points?
a. L S Greenway, England
b. S.R. Taylor, West Indies
c. A.E. Satterthwaite, NewZealand
d. Mithali Raj, India
The correct answer is : Mithali Raj, India
19) If the average of 8,12, x, 14, 18 is 12, then x = ?
a. 7
b. 8
c. 9
d. 10
The correct answer is : 8
20) 6th root of 729 is equal to
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
The correct answer is : 3
21) If 237 mm is written in meters, it will be
a. 2.37 meters
b. 0.237 meters
c. 23.7 meters
d. 0.0237 meters
The correct answer is : 0.237 meters
22) What is the base standard international unit for data quantity?
a. Byte
b. Pascal
c. Newton
d. Coulomb
The correct answer is : Byte
23) Which of the following is not an example of Dynamic energy?
a. Released Bullet
b. flowing water
c. Moving ball
d. Compressed gas in a cylinder
The correct answer is : Compressed gas in a cylinder
24) Which of the following is a temperature control tool in an electric device?
a. Thermocol
b. Thermostat
c. Thermometer
d. Thermocouple
The correct answer is : Thermostat
25) The function key used to refresh the window
a. F2
b. F3
c. F4
d. F5
The correct answer is : F5
26) The Maha kumbh Mela 2013 is happening after
a. 6 years
b. 12 years
c. 84 years
d. 144 years
The correct answer is : 144 years
27) Which of the following asteroid passed nearby earth in Feb 15, 2013?
a. 2012 TC4
b. 2012 DA 14
c. 2012 LZ1
d. 2012 Bx34
The correct answer is : 2012 DA 14
28) Which of the following is not related to Culture?
a. Literature
b. Art
c. mannerism
d. Power
The correct answer is : Power
29) Half of the sum of the lengths of parallel sides X perpendicular distance between them is the area of a
a. Trapezium
b. Triangle
c. Rhombus
d. Cone
The correct answer is : Trapezium
30) A batch of bottles were packed in 25 boxes with 12 bottles in each box. If the same batch is packed using 20 bottles in each box, how many boxes would be filled?
a. 12
b. 15
c. 18
d. 20
The correct answer is : 15
31) International Human Rights Day is observed on
a. January 26th
b. August 15th
c. May 1st
d. December 10th
The correct answer is : December 10th
32) Our standing in attention, when we hear National Anthem is a __________________ reflex action
a. Voluntary
b. Conditional
c. Unconditional
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Conditional
33) Choose the correct meaning of the word "tenacious"
a. courageous
b. impatient
c. stubborn
d. attractive
The correct answer is : stubborn
34) Find the wrongly spelt word from the following.
a. horizontal
b. dangerous
c. complecated
d. voluntary
The correct answer is : complecated
35) If term t1 = -1, d = -3, then term t12 = ?
a. 34
b. 32
c. -32
d. -34
The correct answer is : -34
36) if l = 8, b = 6, h = 3, then find the area of the four walls.
a. 64 Sq.m
b. 74 Sq. m
c. 84 Sq.m
d. 94 Sq.m
The correct answer is : 84 Sq.m
37) The maximum distance between earth surface and satellite is called
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : APOGEE
38) Which of the following is in liquid state?
a. Tree
b. Ice cream
c. Honey
d. Cloud
The correct answer is : Honey
39) Find the electron configuration of Sodium from the following
a. 2,8
b. 2,8,1
c. 2,8,2
d. 2,8,8
The correct answer is : 2,8,1
40) Which of the following is used in the production of electricity in Thermal plants?
a. Paper
b. Coal
c. Uranium
d. Water
The correct answer is : Coal
41) Which of the following is an example of sublimation?
a. Naphthalene balls
b. Iodine
c. Camphor
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : None of the above
42) The shortcut keys to select all the files
a. Ctrl+A
b. Ctrl+B
c. Ctrl+C
d. Ctrl+V
The correct answer is : Ctrl+A
43) The winners of ICC Women world cup Cricket 2013 is
a. West Indies
b. Australia
c. India
d. England
The correct answer is : Australia
44) Which of the following game dropped from Olympics 2020?
a. 100 mts running
b. Swimming
c. Wrestling
d. Water polo
The correct answer is : Wrestling
45) Group of many competencies is called
a. Anger
b. Intelligence
c. award
d. Emotion
The correct answer is : Intelligence
46) Which of the following is a Hardly - Ramanujan number?
a. 1529
b. 1629
c. 1729
d. 1829
The correct answer is : 1729
47) Who prepares the agenda for Cabinet committee meetings?
a. District collector
b. Principle Secretary
c. Chief Secretary
d. Assembly Speaker
The correct answer is : Chief Secretary
48) Source of infection in diseases like Tuberculosis, Mumps and Whooping cough is
a. Carrier organism
b. A vector
c. Droplets of saliva
d. Direct contact
The correct answer is : Droplets of saliva
49) When rice is polished or repeatedly washed, which vitamin is lost from it?
a. Riboflavin (B2)
b. Niacin (B3)
c. Thiamine (B1)
d. Biotin (B7)
The correct answer is : Thiamine (B1)
50) "Usha endeavoured to finish her work on time." Find the right word for the bold and underlined.
a. Failed
b. Tried hard
c. hurried
d. None of the above
The correct answer is : Tried hard