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Questions & Answers for Class 6-8, September-2016

1) The place in North East India which receives the highest annual rainfall is
a. Mawsynram 
b. Cherrapunji
c. Agumbe
d. kozhikode
The correct answer is : Mawsynram 
2) Tha plan is worth considering, think it …………. carefully.
a. of
b. on
c. off
d. over
The correct answer is : over
3) Walking is related to Running in a certain manner. Select the word from the given choices which has similar relation to Wind?
a. Weather
b. Air
c. Rain
d. Storm
The correct answer is : Storm
4) A man buys a toy for Rs 2000 and sells it at a loss of 20%. What is the selling price of the toy?
a. Rs 1500
b. Rs 2100
c. Rs 1600
d. Rs 1800
The correct answer is : Rs 1600
5) On the banks of which river Kolkata is situated?
a. Hooghly
b. Ganga
c. Ravi
d. Krishna
The correct answer is : Hooghly
6) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word - RELUCTANT.
a. Hesitant
b. Reserved
c. Anxious
d. Willing
The correct answer is : Willing
7) If the perimeter of a square is 64 cm, what is the length of one side?
a. 14 cm
b. 16 cm
c. 18 cm
d. 20 cm
The correct answer is : 16 cm
8) Which of the following does not belong to the group?
a. Ginger
b. Potato
c. Chillie
d. Garlic
The correct answer is : Chillie
9) Arrange the following words according to the English Dictionary: 1. Boy, 2. Bear, 3. Bridge, 4. Basket.
a. 4, 2, 1, 3
b. 1, 2, 3, 4
c. 2, 3, 1, 4
d. 4, 3, 1, 2
The correct answer is : 4, 2, 1, 3
10) The largest Indian river flowing into the Arabian Sea is
a. Krishna
b. Narmada
c. Ganga
d. Sutlej
The correct answer is : Narmada
11) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word - AMIABLE.
a. Rude
b. Cute
c. Friendly
d. Annoyed
The correct answer is : Friendly
12) In which country the Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam is played?
a. England
b. United States
c. Australia
d. France
The correct answer is : England
13) She asked me ………………………………..
a. what the time was
b. what was the time
c. what is the time
d. what was time
The correct answer is : what the time was
14) The present ages of the father and the son are together 46 years. 5 years ago, the father was 11 times as old as his son. The age of the son after 5 years will be
a. 11 years
b. 12 years
c. 13 years
d. 14 years
The correct answer is : 13 years
15) The first batsman to score a century in each of his first three tests is
a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Saurav Ganguly
c. Virender Sehwag
d. Mohammed Azharuddin
The correct answer is : Mohammed Azharuddin
16) Choose the option which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase - A Wild Goose Chase.
a. expensive
b. full of difficulties
c. unprofitable adventure
d. ill advised
The correct answer is : unprofitable adventure
17) The product of two numbers is 336. Their sum exceeds their difference by 28. The numbers are
a. 42, 8
b. 24, 14
c. 21, 16
d. 48, 7
The correct answer is : 24, 14
18) How many such 9 are there in the following arrangement, each of which is immediately preceded by 1 and immediately followed by 3? 832915394619391694219353918
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four
The correct answer is : Two
19) Which state is the largest producer of sugarcane?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Punjab
d. Haryana
The correct answer is : Uttar Pradesh
20) The industry for which Vishakapatnam is famous for is
a. Aircraft Building
b. TV Building
c. Ship Building
d. Automobiles
The correct answer is : Ship Building
21) Choose the option which can be substituted for the sentence - Widespread scarcity of food.
a. Hunger
b. Drought
c. Poverty
d. Famine
The correct answer is : Famine
22) A trains travels from Delhi to Mumbai at the speed of 40 km/h and returns at the speed of 60 km/h. Find the average speed for the whole journey.
a. 40 km/h
b. 45 km/h
c. 48 km/h
d. 52 km/h
The correct answer is : 48 km/h
23) How is A related to B, if C, the only daughter of B, is married to A?
a. Son-in-law
b. Father-in-law
c. Cousin
d. Son
The correct answer is : Son-in-law
24) 50% of a sum of money is Rs 500. The sum of money is
a. 800
b. 900
c. 1000
d. 1200
The correct answer is : 1000
25) Atomic Energy Commission is located at
a. New Delhi
b. Mumbai
c. Chennai
d. Kolkata
The correct answer is : Mumbai
26) Choose the word which is correctly spelt.
a. misfourtune
b. miscelaneous
c. misdemenour
d. misspell
The correct answer is : misspell
27) How many islands are there in Lakshadweep?
a. 17
b. 27
c. 36
d. 47
The correct answer is : 36
28) The chemical symbol of Sodium is
a. S
b. Na
c. N
d. So
The correct answer is : Na
29) Yearly celebration of a date or an event is called
a. Jubilee
b. Centenary
c. Birthday
d. Anniversary
The correct answer is : Anniversary
30) The state which is the largest producer of iron ore in India is
a. Jharkhand
b. West Bengal
c. Karnataka
d. Tamil Nadu
The correct answer is : Karnataka
31) Find the correctly spelt word.
a. Hankerchief
b. Handkercheif
c. Handkarchief
d. Handkerchief
The correct answer is : Handkerchief
32) Soil suitable for growing cotton crop is
a. Red soil
b. Black soil
c. Laterite soil
d. Alluvial soil
The correct answer is : Black soil
33) Female Anopheles mosquito causes
a. Malaria
b. Filariasis
c. Dengue fever
d. Yellow fever
The correct answer is : Malaria
34) Which one of the following is not a GRASSLAND?
a. Veld
b. Steppes
c. Selva
d. Downs
The correct answer is : Selva
35) In which year Mahatma Gandhi died?
a. 1947
b. 1948
c. 1949
d. 1950
The correct answer is : 1948
36) Fin the odd from the given choices.
a. Tortoise
b. Crab
c. Frog
d. Fish
The correct answer is : Fish
37) I don't like either fish …… egg.
a. and
b. nor
c. or
d. but
The correct answer is : or
38) ROM stands for
a. Read Only Memory
b. Random Only Memory
c. Readable Only Memory
d. Read Online Memory
The correct answer is : Read Only Memory
39) Which of the following does not excrete waste from the body?
a. Skin
b. Liver
c. Large intestine
d. Kidney
The correct answer is : Liver
40) The longest day in India is
a. 21st June
b. 21st July
c. 21st September
d. 21st August
The correct answer is : 21st June
41) The number system based on 0 and 1 only is known as
a. Barter system
b. Binary system
c. Number system
d. Decimal system
The correct answer is : Number system
42) Hindi Diwas observed across India on
a. 2015-08-14T00:00:00.000
b. 2015-09-14T00:00:00.000
c. 2015-10-14T00:00:00.000
d. 2015-11-14T00:00:00.000
The correct answer is : 2015-09-14T00:00:00.000
43) Whose name is written on Ten Rupee Note?
a. Finance Secretary of India
b. Finance Minister of India
c. President of India
d. Governor of RBI
The correct answer is : Governor of RBI
44) Akbarnama was written by
a. Akbar
b. Babur
c. Abul Fazal
d. Birbal
The correct answer is : Abul Fazal
45) Which of the following became the first Indian footballer to score 50 international goals?
a. Baichung Bhutia
b. Sunil Chhetri
c. Sandesh Jhingan
d. Subrata Pal
The correct answer is : Sunil Chhetri
46) Night blindness is caused due to the deficiency of
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D
The correct answer is : Vitamin A
47) Saina Nehwal is related to which sports?
a. Tennis
b. Badminton
c. Hockey
d. Archery
The correct answer is : Badminton
48) One Kilobyte (KB) is equal to
a. 1000 bits
b. 1024 bytes
c. 1024 MB
d. 1024 GB
The correct answer is : 1024 bytes
49) Name the partner of Leander Paes along with whom he won the US Open 2015 Mix Doubles title?
a. Martina Hingis
b. Sania Mirza
c. Maria Sharapova
d. Serena Williams
The correct answer is : Martina Hingis
50) The city of Bangalore is also known as
a. City of Joy
b. Garden city
c. Pink city
d. Eternal city
The correct answer is : Garden city