This platform has been developed especially for "Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs)" for sharing knowledge among the VLE community.The main objective of this platform is to bring together the VLEs across India to share their experiences and success stories among others. We also intend to provide useful resource materials to enhance their capacity at regular intervals. We invite all the VLEs of the CSC programme to Join this platform for knowledge sharing.
Gurmeet Singh More Details
Name : Gurmeet Singh
State : Himachal Pradesh
District : Una
Location of CSC : Santokhgarh
Name of SCA : Zoom Developers Pvt Ltd
Rajeev Nayan Pathak More Details
Name : Rajeev Nayan Pathak
State : Jharkhand
District : Dumka
Location of CSC : Dhouni
Name of SCA : JAP-IT
Anshuman Bhushan More Details
Name : Anshuman Bhushan
State : Uttar Pradesh
District : Bareilly
Location of CSC : Richhola Tara Chand
Name of SCA : Vayam Technologies
Kalva.Ashok,S/o.Adellu OPR609 More Details
Name : Kalva.Ashok,S/o.Adellu OPR609
State : Telangana
District : Nirmal
Location of CSC : PONKAL
Name of SCA : CMS computers Ltd
Govind Singh More Details
Name : Govind Singh
State : Rajasthan
District : Barmer
Location of CSC : Kaloori
Name of SCA : Vakrangee
Devki Sharma More Details
Name : Devki Sharma
State : Rajasthan
District : Bundi
Location of CSC : Khatkar
Name of SCA : CMS computers Ltd

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