This platform has been developed especially for "Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs)" for sharing knowledge among the VLE community.The main objective of this platform is to bring together the VLEs across India to share their experiences and success stories among others. We also intend to provide useful resource materials to enhance their capacity at regular intervals. We invite all the VLEs of the CSC programme to Join this platform for knowledge sharing.
Harwinder Singh More Details
Name : Harwinder Singh
State : Uttarakhand
District : Udam singh nagar
Location of CSC : Shimla Pistaur
Name of SCA : Reliance Communication
Vishnu Gupta More Details
Name : Vishnu Gupta
State : Uttar Pradesh
District : Kanpur dehat
Location of CSC : Asalatganj
Name of SCA : CMS computers Ltd
Yogesh Shama More Details
Name : Yogesh Shama
State : Madhya Pradesh
District : Dhar
Location of CSC : Pithampur
Name of SCA : NICT
Jay Kumar Mishra More Details
Name : Jay Kumar Mishra
State : Uttar Pradesh
District : Allahabad
Location of CSC : Roodapur
Name of SCA : SREI
Valugula.Kranthi,S/o.Valugula Ja More Details
Name : Valugula.Kranthi,S/o.Valugula Ja
State : Telangana
District : Warangal Rural
Location of CSC : Madharam
Name of SCA : CMS computers Ltd
BANI ISRAIL More Details
State : West Bengal
District : Murshidabad
Location of CSC : BURWAN
Name of SCA : SREI

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